Thursday, June 09, 2005


Note the policeman's huge size.
Police brutallity on film

As many people know, the war on drugs is merely a war on minorities and poor people. This war has been incredibly brutal as both sides engage in bloody battles literally to the death and as in all wars against peasants, the military/police become increasingly brutal to all "peasants" no matter what.

This dreadful downward violent spiral is now showing up as inappropriate use of deadly or very painful force in situations that have no danger at all, the authorities simply using the forceful shortcut to control, in Florida's case, using tasers on even little school children.

As we showed here last month with the video of a very little girl whose behavior was evidence of a need for some loving attention (yes, love does wonders) being arrested and traumatized, so here in this latest video we see a young woman, pulled over for speeding, calling her husband on the cell phone because she is black and wanted to tell him she was being stopped, the cops, instead of talking politely to her and seeing that she is a young lady immediately within one minute of stopping her, yank open the car door and immediately drawing a bead on her and threatening her. She can't believe it, of course, and tells them to wait one minute but they shoot her!

The severe shock causes her to fall to the ground, screaming. They yell at her to put her hands behind her back but she is having convulsions. They shoot her again. Her screams of pain don't move them, she is a you-know-what (peasant/minority) so they poke at the crying woman with their feet!

They then drag the woman doubled over in pain up and order her to stand.

Well, all I can say, at least they didn't spray her with bullets like we do every day in Iraq! I hope Americans realise the police are heavily involved in the National Guard and they go to Iraq and spray bullets at peasants there then they come home and are ready to respond to anyone by being hyperviolent.

The war on drugs compels police into assuming that any and all traffic stops might turn into shoot outs as people try to hide drugs or get away. This lowers the bar to becoming violent nearly to the ground. Instead of making us all safer, the police become a menace. This woman, for example, was no menace to anyone. Her routine traffic stop should never have escalated the way it did. The presumtion of the police was, she didn't immediately obey orders snapped at her so she deserved to be tortured brutally. Next time, she will obey!

f Here is the photo of a cop fired for abusing people he stopped in traffic. Look at the obviously brutal face. Like the hulking cop in the Florida video, he outsizes his victims. We are selecting some really nasty characters to "protect" us!

You can bet, if the woman in Florida was a cute white lady, they would have been more patient, more respectful and pleasant. This is one of the millions of silent privilages skin color gives one in America. If she were rich and white and stopped for speeding, they might merely chat with her, joke a bit, and then let her go with a verbal warning.

I know this for a fact. I grew up a rich, white chick.