Saturday, June 18, 2005

BUSH BULLDOG Won't Let Go of Corpse

CNN: Jeb Bush
Like a rabid bulldog, Jeb Bush grimly hangs onto Mrs. Schiavo's corpse. Of course, her husband spirited the poor lady away and to keep ghouls like Jeb at bay, he cremated her remains. He wanted to bury her secretly to foil grave robbers. I don't blame him one bit. These people make Dr. Frankenstein look like a humanitarian.

This Bush family really has no shame:
Gov. Jeb Bush asked a state prosecutor on Friday to investigate the circumstances of Terri Schiavo's collapse, saying a new autopsy report revealed a possible gap between when Ms. Schiavo fell unconscious and when her husband called paramedics.

"It's a significant question that during this entire ordeal was never brought up," Governor Bush told reporters in Tallahassee after faxing a letter to Bernie McCabe, the state attorney in Pinellas County, where Ms. Schiavo suffered extreme brain damage when her heart temporarily stopped beating in 1990.
The entire Bush family has a problem with lying. They lie so reflexively, it must physically hurt them to tell the truth so what they do is describe obvious things like, "it is raining" when water if pouring out of the skies but then when asked a direct question about themselves, back to the lying.

The media made a big thing about how other humans occassionally aren't 100% correct when they remember things or note things or use the perfect word, meanwhile, the Bushes can babble insanely or lie outright without any comments from the press.

This dual system is now so out of control, the Bushes can barely touch base with reality anymore since there is zero feed back and they are sheltered from exposure from normal humans like 50% of America.
The question of whether Ms. Schiavo's husband purposely delayed seeking help was never a significant issue in the case. A lawyer for Ms. Schiavo's parents, Robert and Mary Schindler, mentioned it after the autopsy report came out on Wednesday and said he had pointed it out in a letter to Dr. Thogmartin shortly after Ms. Schiavo's death, at age 41, on March 31.
The parents of Terry could have done the world a favor by advocating better diagnosis and care of bulimic patients. It is a terrible mental illness that rots the teeth and destroys the digestive system. It needs more research and analysis since it is a behavior/psychological problem.

The psychological/pathological problem with Jeb Bush, on the other hand, is thornier. His own sister died and the entire family wiped out all mention and memory of her, rather brutally. This is why they all remind me of ghouls when they get all tangled up in talking about or doing things about death.

Yesterday, yet another man was tasered to death in Florida. They taser children. I watched a horrible video of a young woman being tasered twice because she was talking to her husband on the telephone. The indifference to this stuff amazes me. Then they pretend to be interested in saving a brain dead woman.


This isn't a case of some tenderhearted man interested in saving lives. The Bush brothers hold the American record on executing people, after all. Executioners are not known for their merciful mannerisms. Bush Jr. wanted bin Laden's head frozen so he could gloat over it like some prima dementa Salome.
State Senator Michael S. Bennett, of Bradenton, was among nine Republican senators who helped block legislation in March that could have stopped the removal of Ms. Schiavo's feeding tube. He said he was shocked that Mr. McCabe agreed to review the case, adding that any impropriety would have been discovered during the prodigious court review.

"What evidence was there ever presented by anybody," Mr. Bennett asked, "that would even cause them to go on this escapade?"
I am happy to see there are sane people left in Florida. You would think that all the slimy politicians who oozed all over the Schiavo business would crawl back under the rock but obviously, at this point, only repeated frontal attacks are left to such scoundrels.

Terry's mom and dad could call off these attacks but they won't, not ever. This is beyond a tragedy now.

It is a crime.