Thursday, June 02, 2005

EAT VEGGIES NOT CORPORATE Government tells kids

A spoon full of a disaster
Children and adults are getting fatter and fatter. What a surprise this is. Corporate America is joining with the government to tell people to eat veggies and exercise, ie, live the way I live. Of course, I buy virtually nothing that corporate food companies advertise at great expense.
Choose food portions no larger than your fist. Eat "go foods" -- like lowfat milk, oatmeal and veggies -- every day and save chips and other "whoa foods" for special occasions.

This advice is part of a new government campaign to use kid-friendly nutrition tips to prevent preteens from getting fat.

Simple training did get 8- to 10-year-olds to eat healthier for three years, concludes the biggest study ever to track the impact of childhood nutrition education. But there's more work to do: Snacks, desserts and pizza still made up an astonishing one-third of those youngsters' diets.

Nevertheless, "kids can learn to take small, positive, healthy steps," said Dr. Elizabeth Nabel, chief of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, which sponsored the research and on Wednesday begins the "We Can!" program to spread the results. "It suggests that kids who learn to eat healthy during their adolescence will continue to eat healthy."
No need to stop the flood of modified corn sweeteners! No need to stop the flood of commercials on children's shows enticing them to pig out on corporate food that is unhealthy and made out of nonnutritional junk! Just like this week with the candy/soda company corrupting the American Diabetes Association getting them to tone down any anti sweetener campaigns or possible pushes to stop the flood of advertising bad food--now this!

The mind reels, actually. Didn't the GOP squawk about "nanny government"? So we have this nanny campaign to beg people to eat veggies and eat sensibly? Isn't that pretty much a matter of choice? If it is not, and it isn't, then what is going on here?

Is this an attempt at making it look like the government gives a hoot if Jr and Jane are fat little tykes? If the government cares so much, they should immediately outlaw all and any ads for high calorie/low nutrition foods! For example, all sugar laced candy being sold as cereal should be outlawed as deceptive advertising.

The government encourages lying. Go check out the cereal boxes! In the nutrition information they list calories per "serving". All breakfast concoctions fall between 130-200 calories a serving! Huh? But then read what constitutes a serving!

It varies all the way from 1/3 cup to 1 1/2 cups! Not due to density, either! They deliberately game the numbers to make everything the same. They figure smart shoppers will know that certain cereals are low calorie, the numbers game is for "losers" who trust people and can't do very good mathematical gross comparisons.
The new study tracked 595 children, half of whom had received, with their parents, special education on how to make healthier food choices. Three years later, kids who had attended the nutrition classes were eating more "go" foods than their peers in every food group except fruit, Van Horn reports in the June issue of the journal Pediatrics. They also ate fewer "whoa" foods, with one exception: pizza. And for desserts, they were more likely to pick lower-fat options like frozen yogurt.

Still, neither group ate enough fruits or vegetables, and the high amount of daily snacking and pizza was stunning, said Van Horn.
Count the number of pizza commercials on TV versus the number of apple or celery commercials. There are one or two generic apple commercials but zero celery commercials. Because raw veggies and fruits are low "value added" items they generate little profit for the corporate machine. Processing animals, for example, using cheap Mexican labor, adds a great deal of value. But making processed food! That is the key. Make it addictive and you can become very rich. Fat is addictive, especially hidden fat. And sugar style sweets are highly addictive! Salt cravings, too. All these together equals bad health if used in excess. Sugar, for example, can be nearly eliminated from a diet and one is the better for it.

The Atkins diet took off because it was all about eating lots of meat with fat. This was supposed to "burn off" by not eating any gluten based products. Of course, this diet is bad for the health unless one is a dog or a lion, but nonetheless, it was embraced happily by hordes of people who want to "pep up" without eating healthy yukkie vegetables.

In the BBC two days ago was the alarming headline that Britain's youth are now around 90% couch potatoes and getting very unhealthy. Yet the assault on young minds continues unabated. Like here, the learned helplessness is puzzling. If this is so very bad, then the nanny state should really step in.

But instead, it opens the umbrella and flies off, goodbye, Mary Poppins!

MORE: This story angers me on several levels:
Casey’s parents had argued that Glenview School District and teacher Kevin Dorken were responsible for the girl’s death because Dorken, who had been supervising the game, was out of the room while the children were stuffing marshmallows in their mouths to see who could hold the most and still say the words “chubby bunny.”

School attorney Thomas DiCianni had argued that because of the way the classrooms were laid out, other teachers could still see into Dorken’s room.

“There would have been no winners had this case gone to the end, regardless of how it turned out,” DiCianni said.

One of Casey’s schoolmates, Elissa Henricks, now 18, took the stand Wednesday and recalled how Casey struggled to breathe. “She tapped my arm and her lips were purple, and I knew she was in trouble,” Henricks said.

According to testimony, the girls ran for help and Dorken tried the Heimlich maneuver on the limp girl, who died a few hours later at a hospital.
Gack. No, telling kids to stuff their mouths with multiple marshmellows...bad, bad, no! Second, bad choice of food. Third--the myth about talking with rocks in the mouth is a myth, not real. Bad, too, for obvious reasons.

Anyway, again, the world never ceases to astonish me.