Thursday, June 02, 2005



OK, something is up. Are we ready for Solyent Green, gang? Suddenly our government is all up in arms about fatty, flabby people. What gives? The NYT features this article about the CDC seeking reason for fat people!
For the first time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has sent a team of specialists into a state, West Virginia, to study an outbreak of obesity in the same way it studies an outbreak of an infectious disease.
Heh. I have been to West Virginia. And it is easy to see why people are now fat there! Back years ago, they went without food and a lot else. They lived in shanties and worked like slaves in black mines and coughed up their lungs at a young age, etc.

Now they are sitting around, chewing the old cud and getting fat. Thanks to literal and figurative pork. After all, Federal largesse flows into that state and there are food stamps and all sorts of programs provided by evil blue state voters that make life easier for everyone, dastardly, isn't it?

Now they are pigging out literally as well as figuratively.

Time for Miss Nanny State to step in!
But some statisticians said it was hard to see what could be learned from the agency's investigations.

Dr. Daniel McGee, a professor of statistics at Florida State University who has analyzed obesity data, burst out laughing when he heard about it. "My God, what a strange thing to do," he said.

"They'll find out what we all know - that the country is no longer set up for physical exercise," Dr. McGee said. And that schoolchildren "don't get a nutritious diet." And that "there is a lot of high-fat food on the shelves of every supermarket."

But, he said, "that doesn't tell you much."
Well, guess what? This "study" which is a farce, we all know why people like to pig out already, they do this because it is fun and TV and ads bellow every hour and minute of the day to pig out so they pig out! But the CDC is prime pork.

Namely, a bunch of parasites can collect Federal dollars and spend it all in West Virginia goofing around smoozing all over the place at great expense so they can cough up a useless report. Unless they report that all ads for crummy corporate food be banned and the products removed from stores, this is a monumental waste of time.

I remember when the media went crazy over the anorexia/bulimia issue. Back then, I wryly pointed out that skinny people are outnumbered 1 to 100 by fat people. Many people are very defensive about being overweight. I was once overweight and I know how embarrassed I was until.... I was put on this awful medicine, hormonal, that caused me to gain weight for the first time in my long life. At a little less than 40 lbs over weight, I went to the doctor's office for advice. A nurse came into the room to help me with my diet. She had to turn sideways to come into the room. Jabba the Hutette she was, at over 400 lbs!

"You are too fat," she said.

"How dare you come to me to talk about weight problems," I barked back, pointing at her. "We are going to discuss your gross negligence concerning your own weight."

Crying, she managed to leave the room somehow. She was very sick. I know people reading this might be angry that I am talking this way. But her presumption that she could discuss eating habits with anyone except a psychiatrist irked me no end. I lost the weight the old fashioned way: weighed myself at the same time every morning, counted my calories and eliminated all sugar, period. I could eat anything and everything so long as it was in the right size and had no sugar. Voila! Weight gone.

Laughably simple. You can eat bread, spaghetti, yogurt (with no sugar, not prepackaged with fruit, cut up your own fruits!), rice, etc, all those "carbs" were fine...if you eat the right amount! No beer, by the way (nayaya). Oh well. I didn't say it would be fun...

Nonetheless, the Disney film, Pinnochio, had it right: the Bad Boys went to Pleasure Island and ate candy and gambled and ran amok like crazy and they ended up donkeys.