Friday, July 15, 2005



Oh, I am ever so hopeful about this sort of news! The slow destruction of the mind is horrible to watch and worse to live through. It hits families like a hammer blow. Financially, physically, mentally, it is terrible. My family has seen its ravages and I bet the readers of this blog fear this disease like we do!

From Yahoo:
While a breakthrough for humans could be years away, a new study in mice suggests some memory recovery may be possible in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

"There basically are two prongs and we need to deal with both," said lead researcher Karen Ashe, a University of Minnesota neurologist. "What we're showing is that there are neurons which are affected (by Alzheimer's) but not dead."

New research shows a mutant protein named tau is poisoning brain cells, and that blocking its production may allow some of those sick neurons to recover. It worked in demented mice who, to the scientists' surprise, fairly rapidly regained memory.

There are no drugs yet to block tau, and most of the recent search for Alzheimer's treatments has focused instead on another protein, called beta-amyloid.

But Thursday's study, published in the journal Science, is sure to refocus attention on finding ways to attack this second culprit, too.
This research is great! First, you must understand the enemy, then describe it, then study its living habits and its growth and then find a cure! Sort of like what we should be doing about "terrorism".

I hope more money flows into research like this and a ton more money in finding a cure. I have a very strong vested interest in this matter!

From the Aussie News:
PAINLESS brain scans and simple blood tests might offer ways to predict who had the highest risk of Alzheimer's disease, and it might be possible to lower risks by drinking juice daily, researchers said today.

The occasional alcoholic drink may also help, researchers told a prevention conference sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association.
"There is increasing evidence that we can do something for ourselves in terms of preventing this disease," Dr Ron Peterson of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, told a news conference.
I'll toast to that! A glass of wine a day keeps the brain bugs at bay!

See? There is some great news out there! I just have to look under the right rocks!

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