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Bush family flacking killing SS
By Elaine Meinel Supkis

It baffles me how right wing America worships the Bush family. They are so obviously sick but then, birds of a feather etc. Last week's bike crash was echoed by Blair's own son doing the opposite, he ran over a bike rider. It is dangerous whenever any of these sorts of people, ie, those who rule us, go forth in public.

Bush is sallying forth manfully on his Mission Impossible. We all imagine the stupid Social Security reforms were killed off but they are not. Bush is pushing and pushing and his ill tempered, incredibly ugly mother is assisting him in this effort. Medusa would be turned to stone if she were to look upon Bab's face.

From the LA Times:
A week ago, when President Bush met with Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III to interview him for a potential Supreme Court nomination, the conversation turned to exercise. When asked by the president of the United States how often he exercised, Wilkinson impressively responded that he runs 3 1/2 miles a day. Bush urged him to adopt more cross-training. "He warned me of impending doom," Wilkinson told the New York Times.

Am I the only person who finds this disturbing? I don't mean the fact that Bush would vet his selection for the highest court in the land in part on something utterly trivial. That's expected. What I mean is the fact that Bush has an obsession with exercise that borders on the creepy.
The entire GOP is creepy but of course, Bush is a text book example of a psychopath acting out alcoholic impulses as his shrunken brain misfires more and more, note his scrambled speech and odd tics and bizarre beliefs.

Of course, anyone looking at California, which recently rashly handed the car keys to yet another drug and drink abusing exercise fanatical fantasy figure psychopath who also abuses women, would wonder why people are attracted to really sick people. Why do obvious psychopaths like Hitler or Bush or Schwarzenegger or Mao end up, like Stalin or Pol Pot or a host of other obvious examples, in great power positions?

The LAT writer is actually quite funny, do read his entire piece. But the real question remains, why do humans happily follow obviously demented, psychopathic, bizarre individuals? This question has exercised my mind all my long life. At first, being a hopeful person, I used to pursue the truth and dig around in leader's past and present and then reveal the information to people in the hopes they will look it all over very carefully before following a dangerous person into folly.

This doesn't work.

So now I have to ask "why?" When I argue issues with people, one thing I have noticed is they become rapidly psychopathic themselves as they try to regurgitate the information they have programmed into their brains. This self-propagandizing is easy to short circuit by using Socratic methods. In the early days of the web, I loved taking a group of people through a long process of questioning, agreeing seemingly then adding a new question. "Oh, you are right about that. What if.." was a standard line.

I quickly learned that when the moment of truth dawned, night fell. In other words, once people were forced to face the truth, the result would be emotional. Namely, rage. And a reaffirmation of whatever it was they held dear. Indeed, if they were very irrational, they were more determined to keep their ideas intact.

A client of mine was lamenting how he couldn't explain to his well to do friends who were Republicans that Bush lies a great deal. They couldn't see it nor were they interested in understanding a word he said to them. Blissfully, they simply ignored everything.

The cult of Bush is floundering, though. Not due to information and understanding but because of deteriorating conditions. Another 6,000 well paying industrial jobs are being killed today by Scott tissues. They are closing 20 factories in the USA and Europe. They are expanding their factories guess where. This makes over 50,000 lost industrial jobs just this month alone. Alarm is sweeping across much of the brainwashed land. The messed up War on Terror which is literally blowing up in our faces has finally caused some alarm. The lies about Rove are taking a small toll, too. The mainstream media is peddling hard and running like heck trying desperately to prop up Bush even as we try to throw his aides overboard.

Like all despots, Bush clings to power more and more. His allies and aides drop all pretense of being moral and simply ignore us as they continue onwards. Their allies dutifully mouth incredibly more and more unbelievable lies, remember Bagdad Ali? Oh, how our own psychopaths mocked him! Yet here they are, aping him completely. In what way is Scottie different from his counterpart, Ali?

Woman's Evolution, by Evelyn Reed, is a very interesting book, one I memorized years ago.
The other clause of the taboo was simply a sex taboo, having nothing whatever to do with incest. As many scholars have pointed out, male sexuality in the animal world - where males fight one another for access to females - is a violent force. Such individualism and competitiveness had to be suppressed since human survival depended upon the closest cooperation of all the members of the group. Thus, it became imperative to overcome animal sexuality and to convert fighting males into the human brotherhood.

This goal was also achieved through totemism and taboo. All males in the totem-kin group were forbidden access to any females of that group. All the older women were classified as the mothers (or older sisters); the women of a man's own generation were his sisters, and the female children were his younger sisters. In this way the antisocial characteristics of animal sexuality were suppressed, and the foundation for the tribal brotherhood was laid. The clan system of social organisation arose as a non-sexual, economic and social association of mothers, sisters, and brothers.

The two clauses of the taboo have an interlocking relationship. Food and sex represent the most imperative hungers in human and animal life; they are the twin driving forces behind the survival of the species. The hunger for food must be satisfied if the organism is to maintain itself., the hunger for sex must be satisfied if the species is to reproduce itself. The double taboo on food and sex therefore represents the earliest social controls over these imperative needs. And without these controls, human organisation could not have gained its start.

Far from being a figment of the imagination of early anthropologists or a non-subject, totemism is in fact one of the most important subjects to be investigated in reconstructing our most ancient history. Totemism and taboo represent the means by which humankind elevated itself out of animality. Totemism is all-inclusive; it not only represents the totem-kin and the totem protectorate against cannibalism but also all the social regulations that were required for humanising the species. Through totemism and taboo, humanity survived and thrived until it could reach a higher stage of social and cultural life.

Those who have turned away from the matriarchy, however, fail to understand totemism because it was the female sex that instituted it. Contrary to current myths about their status, women have not always been the inferior sex as they are today. In the beginning the females were the advantaged sex; they were the mothers, responsible for the survival of the species. Unlike males, who suffered from the biological handicap of incessant striving for dominance over other males, females could band together for the protection of themselves and their offspring. This nurturing, cooperative trait enabled the females to make the great advance from the maternal brood in the animal world to the maternal clan system in the human world.

Then, through the institution of totemism and taboo, the females were able to correct the biological deficiencies of the males. They began by socialising the two basic hungers. They expelled all internal hunting - whether for food or mates - from the group composed of totem-kin mothers, sisters, and brothers. By this means, both cannibalism and fights for dominance were overcome, and males were brought together as the clan brothers. This cooperative association of men - the fratriarchy, as I call it - has no counterpart in the animal world. It represents the crowning achievement of the totemic system, which was instituted by the women.
In other words, just as researchers watching the chimps in the Gombe forests eat each other's young, so all humans descended from cannibals. The ability to recognize faces and talk had a dual purpose. Those who recognized kin and could chat with them, "You are part of our horde, so I better not eat your baby" type conversations probably saved humans from themselves.

It is far easier to hunt nearby especially when the hunted ones are as fangless and clawless as one's self. Further, smarter humanoids could fool the dumber ones and then eat them. This is why we have no near relations. We ate all our kin and this is why there are no walking upright homo habilis anywhere. This is also why I call humans "the mad apes." We took what was a rare thing in the chimp world and made it the basis of our existence.

Over time, the ability to tame and control wild animals reduced the desire to hunt humans. Also, since all humans were now very smart, relative to each other, it was increasingly dangerous to hunt humans. These battles had a very strong downside, namely, one could easily die. Fighting ended up being for greater things like control of territory and other natural resources like water and game. For even as we were cannibals, we ate many other things.

Poor Neanderthal human! They occupied the zone between the glaciers and the sea and happily hunted wild animals. Alas, they were mere animals to the new hunters who exploded out of Africa, hungry and with very evolved speaking/thinking abilities. You can bet, they approached the poor Neanderthaler with a smiling face and soothing words and gestures. You can bet, they invited the gullible natives to feasts and traded beads.

And then killed and ate them. Not one of them survived.

This cannibal attitude is buried deep in the human personality. It is part of all of us. This is why we are so attracted to liars and psychopaths. Who wants to follow some nice person who is inoffensive and kindly?

Not if you are sitting down to a meal of Solyent Green.

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