Sunday, August 28, 2005


Hurricane Katrina, catagory 4+

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

As this storm approached Florida, there was little worry and then, as is characteristic of all large storms these days, it dumped a great deal of rain on people and killed some of them too. The blase attitude exhibited by the authorities is due entirely to them wanting to believe that global warming isn't happening and one of the chief effects of this is a hyper concentration of moisture in the oddest places as well as powerful hurricanes.

When Columbus sailed the oceans blue, he recieved the waves from a hurricane and wondered where these silent moving surges came from since the sky was clear and blue. The Spanish quickly found out about hurricanes which the natives cheerfully told them were the manifestations of their top god, Hurrikan. They all died thanks to disease and slavery. Some thanks we gave them for telling us about this vital matter!

I suppose the colonization of the Caribbean would have proceeded much slower if it weren't for the Little Ice Age which began in 1500. The dynamics of the atmosphere/oceanic systems became very quiet for 300 years as the sun paused in energy output and humans rapidly colonized vast swaths of the earth, sailing merrily about the fairly quiet oceans. Now we, the sun and the earth are in a much more dynamic matrix and if frail little wooden vessels were plying the Seven Seas, they would be doing so with a very high death rate.

Even our vast steel ships struggle in these very powerful storms. Mostly, they use modern technology to avoid them by changing course.

New Orleans is the latest place in the Eye of the Storm. Last year, when one killer hurricane after another struck Florida and the Gulf coast, each storm slid past New Orleans. The one that nearly hit, they evacuated the city...except for the poor and the elderly who have no trasportation and no where to go. The mayor refused to house them and they survived that death trap only because the dice were rolled and the number was seven, not snake eyes.

Many people yelled at the mayor for this and this time, with only hours to go, they are reluctantly opening the stadium to the people. But evacuating the homebound has to be done door to door. I wonder if this is happening. I hope they help the elderly and ill and disabled.

Every weather story comes with the American ritual words that I suspect our rulers force weather comentators and reporters to insert--"This doesn't necessarily mean it has anything to do with global warming." This tics me off because most of the time, it has 100% to do with global warming. The increasing dynamism of the ecosphere is very much a global warming artifact and this includes cold weather being turned into pockets that plunge temperatures whereever they form! f Hell on earth indeed. All of southern Europe is on fire thanks to a very bad drought. Here in NY, we spent a hot dry summer, too. I have noticed this pattern now. Every fifth year is a drought summer and on the opposite side, drought winters. Then we get floods. This is so bad, my farm suffers from this and I am slowly terracing it so the water doesn't run off in drought years and in rainy years, breech the barriers to let the water flow. This field has produced hay for three hundred years, pretty reliably. I knew old farmers here who were 100 years old who used to hay my field with a scythe.

Now it struggles thanks to global warming and my great oaks, some of which predate Columbus, they are dying. They shouldn't be dying for they live very long lives but the alternating flood/drought cycle hurts them a lot.
This last week there were terrible floods in the Alps. This is summer time! It isn't supposed to flood. Like here in NY, floods are a spring thing, not August! My German side of the family still lives in the Alpine regions and they say, this is amazing and horrifying. Long family memories, some live in the houses we built 400 years ago.

So while having huge floods in the high mountains of central Europe, there is hopeless drought only 500 miles away! This is yet another sign of the atmosphere becoming very active and heating up meaning the molecules are moving faster and banging into each other and this dynamism acting with the oceans and melting ice sheets is speeding up the winds. China got hit with one powerful typhoon after another just this month alone.

The hurricane about to slam into America is so big and dynamic, it is now drawing energy off the Pacific Ocean as well as the Gulf bath tub. Just last week, I read another story of mass fish die-offs, this dead zone being in Texas rather than Florida (um, the gods really must love both states?) because of the Gulf overheating plus human pollution. Each year, it is worse and worse and yet we sit here, thinking it doesn't matter if we rot the entire planet. This is why, yet again, Bush and his devils attacked any international commission or words about the ecosystem.

Bolton, the man put in the UN over the head of the Senate, ordered the UN to remove all words concerning the planet's health from their declaration of UN principals. This action got little attention from nearly anyone but he did it and we will pay for it. Mother Nature carries a huge veto in the UN. Her veto is final. It is also irreversable if we don't heed Her warnings and listen carefully to Her warnings. If She declares war on us, She will win. Period. We can only form an alliance or endure Her attacks until She annihilates us.

She is a wonderful person if you are nice to Her. She will happily clothe and feed us and let us reproduce if we take great care of Her own needs. If we refuse to love Her, She simply walks away from us, leaving us to our own devices. Which are extrodinarily feeble in comparison to what She has at hand. Hurricanes and tornadoes and earthquakes and volcanoes not to mention tsunamis and metor strikes and suns going nova. Indeed, black holes sucking down each other, doesn't She have many amusements!

Best to stay on Her good side, isn't it?

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Friday, August 26, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

War is always about killing children. From the oldest of times onwards, destroying the next generation is part of the brutal business of warfare. In the last 100 years, it has been perfected to the point that children are now one of the chief targets of war.

The mothers of dead soldiers still think of their children as children for I assure you, your child never really ceases to be a child deep in a mother's heart. Emotionally, we always harbor the ur-mutter. Here is the latest message from Cindy, our mother of mothers this month: From
I got to Camp Casey and I arrived with a mom whose son, John, was killed on January 26, 2005, and his wife and baby, who never met his dad. We arrived in Waco at about 4:30 to the local press. The White House Press Corps was still with the president.

When I arrived at Camp Casey II this afternoon I was amazed at what has changed since I was gone. Now, we have a huge tent to get out of the sun; caterers; an orientation tent; a medic tent (with medics); a chapel, etc.

The most emotional thing for me though was walking through the main tent and seeing the huge painting on canvas of Casey. Many things hit me all at once: That this huge movement began because of Casey's sacrifice; thousands, if not millions of people know about Casey and how he lived his life and the wrongful way in which he was killed; but the thing that hit me the hardest was how much I miss him. I miss him more everyday. It seems the void in my life grows as time goes on and I realize I am never going to see him again or hear his voice. In addition to all this, the portrait is so beautiful and moving and it captures Casey's spirit so well. I sobbed and sobbed. I was surrounded by photographers, I looked around until I finally found a friendly face, then the news people crushed in on me and I couldn't breathe. I didn't mean to have such a dramatic re-entrance to Camp Casey, but the huge portrait of Casey really surprised me.
It was quite a tribute. Very heartfelt. I will also note that there are no gravestone markers or pictures of all the children who have died since our assaults on Iraq have begun. I suppose this is the old "tribal" effect: we care only about our own.

But death's scythe sweeps onwards. From Capital Times
Every time the wound begins to heal at Ray and Diane Maida's house, something comes along to rub salt into it.

First came news that their son, Mark Maida, a 22-year-old Army sergeant, was killed in Iraq by a roadside bomb on May 26. Then, a week after his death, the Army gave only hours' notice that the body would be arriving at Gen. Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, forcing the grieving family into a frantic scramble to retrieve it for a funeral two days later.

Letters and packages to Mark from home arrived for a time almost daily, marked "Return to sender." Then a slow trickle of possessions arrived from Iraq and his unit's base at Fort Irwin, Calif. To top it off, despite repeated efforts, Army officials failed to provide details of Mark's death. More than two months later, the Maidas finally got the details of his death, not from the Army, but from the Washington Post.

"It's just been one wound after another," Diane said. "And just about the time you think you're on the upswing, then you get shut down again with another incident."
Another Gold Star Mother wants to bean Bush. Of course, when we were killing Iraqi children and killing their moms, we rejoiced in our great victory. Bush was immensely popular when we reallized how easy it is to kill children and no one, no matter how many people across the globe demonstrated against our war, we got away with it, hardly a causality!

Well, Death's scythe continues to sweep. He won't stop until someone gives up this war.

One of the things we laughed about the most was how helpless the Iraqi army was as it vainly fought against us while being nearly totally stripped of armaments by the UN. The usual bully boy laughter as we used our own WMD against the people of Iraq rang out. Hahaha, look at how cowardly they are, fleeing us as we blow away their tanks, cutting them like butter, killing everyone! Boom!

So we littered Iraq with atomic waste and guess what?

The children are paying. From In These Times
fGerard Matthew thought he was lucky. He returned from his Iraq tour a year and a half ago alive and in one piece. But after the New York State National Guardsman got home, he learned that a bunkmate, Sgt. Ray Ramos, and a group of N.Y. Guard members from another unit had accepted an offer by the New York Daily News and reporter Juan Gonzalez to be tested for depleted uranium (DU) contamination, and had tested positive.

Matthew, 31, decided that since he’d spent much of his time in Iraq lugging around DU-damaged equipment, he’d better get tested too. It turned out he was the most contaminated of them all.

Matthew immediately urged his wife to get an ultrasound check of their unborn baby. They discovered the fetus had a condition common to those with radioactive exposure: atypical syndactyly. The right hand had only two digits.

So far Victoria Claudette, now 13 months old, shows no other genetic disorders and is healthy, but Matthew feels guilty for causing her deformity and angry at a government that never warned him about DU’s dangers.
The children of our soldiers are being born sans body parts or insane or not born at all as mom miscarries. The soldiers have a Darwinian legacy that the rulers don't pay as they cozzen themselves and their own tribal members, carefully protecting them.

I remember during the nuke bomb tests in the fifties and sixties how the government lied and lied about virtually everything concerning nuclear fall out and it was killing children and now kills all of us, note the cancer epidemic!

There would be a lot more premature dead if we didn't have modern medicine. Nearly everyone I know over the age of 40 has had or will soon have cancer! This is NOT NORMAL.

From Chronicle Net:
There are few things worse than seeing images of a child born with birth defects. This month's (November 1995) cover of LIFE magazine captures that horror.

The November LIFE report is certainly not the first of its kind linking service in the Gulf War to possible genetic mutations passed down from veterans to their children. But the LIFE magazine article is certainly the most in-depth report on record by a major news agency.

The latest findings in LIFE paint a harsh picture that the country and the world has abandoned the tiny victims of the Gulf War. The report states that since the war, a growing number of Gulf veterans have fathered offspring with serious birth defects. The curious and still "unproven" link here is that the children's troubles may have the same roots and symptoms as what has come to be known as Gulf War Syndrome. The mysterious symptoms range from unexplained rashes, fatigue and chronic pain to memory-loss and severe gastrointestinal problems. These ailments affect an estimated 45,000 veterans and their families.

"Kennedi" was born without a thyroid. Her disfigured face is grotesquely swollen -- a condition of recurring tumors made of tangled blood vessels. "Lea" has sninal bifida. She cannot move or walk. A tube drains fluid from her skull. "Cedrick" also has a shunt in his head -- if it accidentally falls out, he could suffer brain damage. "Casey" has Goldenhar's syndrome. His left ear is missing and he cannot speak. "Jayce", now three years old, is the unofficial poster boy of these Gulf War babies. He has no legs or arms. His hands and feet are attached to twisted stumps. He also had a hole in his heart.

The list goes on. The images are enough to make anyone turn away and gasp. LIFE makes sure that those images are loud and clear so that no one will forget.

The mother of one child who died from a defective heart, tells her story of what she calls "the run-around" with military doctors and administrators.

One of her complaints -- the response given to her by the Pentagon regarding the deformed children born to veterans -- birth defects normally occur in three percent of American babies. Birth defects are of course a reality, but in a recent report not included in the LIFE magazine article, there are studies on British veterans from the Gulf that show, they too, are giving birth to deformed children at a much higher rate than the non-veteran population. These British soldiers were in similar, if not identical territory and are now experiencing the same ailments as those of American troops.
the Life magaine pictures are horrific. Back when it came out, I thought there would be calls for hearings and Congress would move to do something....hahaha, the chickenhawk GOP won't do a thing. Soldiers are those people who are the losers in the Darwinian race to survive. They are foolish enough to fall for rank propaganda and expend themselves and their entire future on a bunch of mockingbirds who have laid eggs in the nest of honest song birds!

And the Iraqi babies? Guess what. We are destroying them, they can't escape this plutonic mess we left. Pluto is the god of death and it is no accident that plutonium is named after him! Simple Americans are kept this way deliberately by the rulers and the rulers do this by manipulating information via the mass media.

They are losing their iron grip thanks to the web and us bloggers/writers. We link, we talk, we note things down, and we refuse to forget the distant or recent past. We note that this murderous rampage isn't freeing anyone unless you consider death to be freedom.

The Skull and Bonesmen who run America worship death. Like the ugly bullies they are, they want to kill while safe. We think Darwin's laws won't bite us. But it will, it always does in the end. If soldiers want to have deformed or dead babies, they can continue to support the use of DU.

Or they can fight the system! It is simple. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW! Throughout history, the military rank and file, if they stop, they do stop. Ask Russia. The Czar told them to fight, they turned around and attacked and killed the Czar, instead. This isn't the only example. Often times, the despot leaves the country like Idi Amin or Baby Doc of Haiti or others (often American puppets like the Shah of Iran). In this country, we do it differently. We prepared to impeach Nixon. He was tempted to call out the troops to stop his disgrace only he was informed, the troops didn't support him. So it is with Bush. He can only call upon the troops if they believe in him and I will note, this support is eroding very rapidly. Even when he tries to bolster his already too inflated ego by visiting hand picked families and troops in very red states, he is dogged by questions and demonstrators who are connected with dead soldiers or soldiers stuck in Iraq, playing death lotto with the angry populace.

Our soldiers are not helpless. They can and have a duty to resist ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL ORDERS. The Nuremburg Trials said that quite clearly. It isn't treason to stop an illegal or immoral war. It is a duty to humanity as well as democracy for the majority of Americans are now, at last, against this war. Using nuclear weapons is definitely a crime. It lasts many years and kills babies more than any other group of people.

Our rulers are getting fat and rich off of this feast of children's bodies but we aren't. So it is time for our troops to demand they be brought home and for the homeland bases to not be closed but to close overseas bases. For our rulers are systematically stripping us of our jobs, our military, our future, they are taking it all and shipping it off to other places even as they tell us to die for America.

Well, time for our troops to come home!

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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Painting by Elaine Meinel Supkis

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I am really aggravated by the headline of the article about this vital matter. From Associated Press:
Study Links Daydreaming, Alzheimer's
only because it gives the impression that the activity called day dreaming leads to Alzheimer's when it doesn't. Alzheimer's is a disease that changes the physical shape of the nerve clusters in the mind. Like any virus or parasite, the changes are obvious and are like cancer in that it multiplies out of control rather than shrinks or kills. The web of nerves make the normal path of impulses impossible so they literally short circuit.

I know this disease well for I have watched it take down more than one unfortunate person. It is the ultimate madness for there is no escape but it is no different, in the end, from all the other diseases of the mind, for it is a disease, not a condition. Unlike drinking heavily which literally shrinks the mind due to nutritional problems, Alzheimer's is like syphillus, for example.
A new Washington University study shows the part of the brain used to daydream is the same where Alzheimer's disease develops — in some people — later in life. It suggests the normal brain activity of daydreaming fuels the sequence of events leading to Alzheimer's.

"The implication, albeit a speculative one, is that those activity patterns in young adults are the foothold onto which Alzheimer's disease forms," said lead researcher Randy Buckner, associate professor of psychology. He said they may lead to a life-long cascade that ends in Alzheimer's disease in some people.

"It suggests a new hypothesis and opens an avenue in exploration," Buckner said. "By no means is it definitive."
Various diseases attack various levels of the mind. It so happens, cruel Alzheimer's attacks the part that is the most human: the place where our wishes live! The reason why people with the disease can't recognize loved ones is because they no longer hold the mental image of the loved one in the special chambers of the mind, it is filled with cobwebs. The retreat is slow. First, one forgets those nearest in time, the outer chambers, then the disease wrecks more and more internal rooms until the last room is entered, the one where Mother reigns eternally. When all memory of Her are gone, the spirit has fled and the body rapidly decays and would die instantly if not artificially fed.
The hallmarks of Alzheimer's, which affects 4.5 million Americans, are brain lesions called plaques and tangles, formed from different proteins, that are associated with nerve cells not communicating with each other and eventually dying. The result is a progressive deterioration of memory, learning and language.

The part of the brain involved in daydreaming is always active, even if the mind is at rest, said William Klunk, coauthor of the study and associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh. "It's like an engine on idle," he said. "It never shuts down. That activity might fuel the sequence of events that could lead to Alzheimer's."

He said the connection is a "problem."

"The answer is not shutting down our brains," Klunk said.

"It means it's very important to identify changes in the brain at early stages of illness, so that as newer interventions come along, we can start them at a time when it makes a difference."
Even the doctor here is worried people will misunderstand this information which is why it puzzles me that the headline writer couldn't get it right, it only increases the confusion.

This part of the mind is the vital core of humanity's soul. That it is attacked first by this disease is interesting since evolution decrees all living things will exploit all possible niches and our bodies are merely an open savannah for germs and they ruggedly invade whereever they can. This disease is only in the elderly or in rare cases, due to genetics, younger people, because if it invaded at a young age, humans wouldn't reproduce and the organism would cease to exist so it doesn't stubbornly exist except as a late life trigger.

In other words, thanks to modern medicine, the potential hosts for this disease have grown hugely in numbers. Since all our other weaknesses haven't killed us, this one will.
Neil Buckholtz, chief of the dementias of aging branch at the National Institute on Aging, which funded the study, said the data are interesting even if the conclusion is speculative.

"A critical question of Alzheimer's disease is why certain parts of the brain have diseased nerve cells and other areas of the brain seem fine. This paper speaks to that question."
Why brains break down is interesting. In the wild, once the brain of an animal surrenders to death, it dies. Keeping living things alive past this time is an artifact of human society since we first began to build communities. There are no senile animals in nature for they get eaten or die of hunger long before then.

From a 1999 article about Freud on CNN:
"The Interpretation of Dreams," published on November 4, 1899, re-created dreams as a powerful probe of the unconscious mind. Suddenly they were messages from a landscape entirely within us, and yet totally unknown.

"Before Freud you would say that dreams were considered as spirits, as otherworldly things, messages from the other world. They were dealt with in religious and philosophical ways," says psychoanalyst Leon Hoffman. "Through his study he came to the idea that the mind worked outside of our awareness and that dreams had meaning."

A century later, science is putting Freud to the test. New brain-imaging technologies allow researchers to see which parts of the brain are active during a dream, and which are dead to the world.

"That is helping in being able to test all of the ideas in a scientific way, in a reproducible scientific way," says Edward Nersessian, a psychoanalyst in New York City.

Freud argued that dreams are a person's most deeply held wishes, expressed in symbolic form. Their purpose? To keep the unconscious drives that constantly pop up within us from waking us in the night.

"That was the essence of Freud's theory, that dreams protect sleep," says Mark Solms, a neuroscientist at St. Bartholomew's and Royal London School of Medicine.

Few psychoanalysts believe that today. But Freud's more basic idea, that dreams are messages from a part of the mind beyond our conscious control, is stronger than ever.
Dreams are more than what any scientist can concieve. They are the Other Realm. We exist because we have minds and our minds are not controlled by our wills. If one exerts one's will ruthlessly over the whole mind, it rebels and you go insane. This is why sleeping is so important. The mind, left to its own devices, runs merrily away to romp in Dreamland. This is where all sorts of things get sorted out, in odd ways. It is also the door to the Other Side, what I call the Outer Darkness. This is where the great heaving mass of spiritual powers reside and it is a very dangerous place. Even in Dream World, you can't enter this without becoming very small and slipping between the barriers of the Dreaming Mind to enter that primal place, the place where nightmares are manufactured.

This is where the really important memories are stored, you know.

The ones the waking Will wants to forget. (Hitler had this big thing about the Will!)

Past that place is yet another place: where Time and Space entangle. This is why dreamers can "see" the future sometimes. Seeing the future within the mind is an important human thing for this evolved as our ancestors coped with a deteriorating environment. As the Ice Ages assaulted us, we tried to figure out the riddles of nature and had to guess what would happen next. Humans that could imagine the future survived more often than those that plodded along, taking each day as it came, thoughtlessly.

The greatest minds survived and even thrived. This growth of the mind was so powerful, it overwhelmed other evolutionary forces like mother survivability from birthing. Giving birth is a very deadly process for us human females! The only reason this destructive brain size that causes babies to jam up in the birth canals like my son with his huge head did, survived is because smart human females were helped by others, giving birth. Cultures that force women to give birth alone and unattended tend to have smaller brain sizes, for example, since large ones die and kill their mothers during childbirth.

Back to the process of dreaming: when one tries to control one's dreams too much, the ability to "see" the future via the deep dreaming process is thwarted and one cannot understand the future or foresee consequences. Bush is brain damaged. He and his fellow con artists, so intent on creating their own reality, have ruthlessly suppressed the parts of their dream world that are connected with the deep unconscious and so they cannot see the obvious even as it unscrolls before them. They are killing people and will kill many more, if allowed to continue.

This lack of inspiration is obvious. Note how poor their language skills are! All of them. I see, on liberal forums and blogs, a flood of words. As we foresee the future and make predictions and explain, we dream collectively, our words inspire more dreams within each other's night worlds, the other Realms, the other half of our existence, and we waken, renewed in our collective alarm at how things are devolving, we see climate change again and we see all the things that the great minds of our ancestors saw and we know that destroying our dreams means death to humanity.

My dream world is very powerful. I am blessed/cursed with the ability to remember all and any dreams and to have waking dreams all the time, being directly hit by a very powerful lightning bolt when young did this, I am guessing.

A heavy price to pay for the Keys to the Outer Darkness.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


From Nostalgia Books, Little Nemo

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

In the never ending battle to work people to death, science delves into all sort of nasty ways to keep us awake. When speed was first introduced, it was very popular with the military and businesses and people in general. Pop a pill and work until you drop...dead. You see, the quaint idea that the human mind and body must rest and reset itself is shrugged off by people seeking to extend labor to the breaking point.

From the BBC:
A drug could reverse the effects of sleep deprivation in the brain, a US study of monkeys has suggested.
The drug comes from a class of molecules called ampakines which enhance how some chemical receptors work in the brain.

It helped monkeys overcome their lack of sleep, the study in the Public Library of Science - Biology showed.

Researchers from North Carolina's Wake Forest University hope it could help people like doctors and shift workers.

The study was partly funded by the US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency as part of a project to reduce of eliminate the effects of sleep deprivation on soldiers.
DARPA strikes again. They want soldiers to fight nonstop. Human robots. The damage they take should be minimized by preventing their pain centers from communicating with the main frame of the brain. Drugs to short circuit sleep, sex, pain, the goal is to turn humans into killing machines that have no psyche, no counter controls.

Ditto doctors. As they go through the motions of fixing the bodies of the damaged robotic soldiers, they too, must become heartless and cold, working like machines that have hijacked human minds to wrest control of the all important body.

All these drug interventions lead to death of the host body.
Samuel Deadwyler, of who led the Wake Forest University School of Medicine research, said: "The drug didn't cause overall brain arousal, but increased the ability of certain affected areas to become active in a normal, non-sleep-deprived manner."

He added: "It's possible that ampakines could also be used to enhance other cognitive deficits, such as occur in Alzheimer's disease, after a stroke or other forms of dementia."

The researchers said the drug did not appear to be linked to side effects such as hyperactivity, distorted thinking or extended wakefulness.

The drug's manufacturer, Cortex Pharmaceuticals, has also reported positive results from tests on sleep-deprived humans with positive results.

Dr Neil Stanley, of the British Sleep Society, who was involved in the human study, said: "The more we know about the brain, the more medicines can be targeted.
"Ampakines are an exciting class of drug.

"If you can keep the brain thriving, more people may have benefits than shift workers - it may have benefits for people with conditions such as Alzheimer's disease."
There is no need to stimulate sleep deprived brains. The brain shutting down is its way of protecting itself and the body. I also wonder how the monkeys were "sleep deprived." Understanding dementia is a complex science. Helping people who can't access their own thoughts is definitely required. We have to understand evolution and the human brain if we want to understand why some elderly suffer so many different types of brain damage. Fixing it with a drug is nice but not the solution. Besides, the point of this drug is mainly to work people to death. To overcome the body's defences.

With coffee or speed or any stimulant, at first the mind "sharpens" and thinking is so easy but over time it deteriorates because the stresses of not releasing control over the creative parts of the mind finally causes all to blow apart, psychologically. Namely, it isn't merely the sleep but the dreaming that saves our minds from its own delusions and devices! Many people can't remember their dreams, I can and do, maybe because I was struck by lightning so much, I am aware of my dreams all night long, like someone watching TV, it is amusing how my brain processes stuff picked up during the day! The dreamworld is a crazy world where anything and everything can happen. When humans can't dream, and we all dream, we go mad and the dreamworld's ethos becomes the waking world's nightmare.

We need the fantasy retreat of dreamland to function.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bubble Boy bicycles with a bunch of ditto heads and a bike champ. He is fit and happy and having a lark and didn't run over any Bobbies because they were at the Bush ranchette.From AP:
The leader of the free world (sic) and the world's biking master rode for 17 miles on Bush's ranch for about two hours at midmorning. Bush showed Armstrong the sites of the ranch that he calls "a little slice of heaven," including a stop at a waterfall midway through the ride.

They were accompanied by a small group of staff and Secret Service agents and a film crew from the Discovery Channel, Armstrong's Tour de France sponsor, which had exclusive media access for the ride. Footage was shot for a program on Armstrong to air next week.

Neither Bush nor Armstrong spoke to reporters, although White House spokesman Trent Duffy said the president was impressed with the seven-time champ's skills.

"Recognizing what the world has known for years, the president said, 'He's a good rider,'" Duffy said.
Yes, he didn't run over any SS guards. Amazed Bush no end. He didn't fall off his bike, either. This pleased our bubble boy no end. Shazzam!
Duffy wouldn't say whether they talked politics, a topic that Armstrong has said he is getting more interested in now that he's retiring from biking at age 34. Armstrong calls Bush a friend, but he has spoken out against the war in Iraq and has said he wants the government to spend more money on cancer research.
As if any human being can talk to Bush about the war. More soldiers blown up, more bereaved moms, more anti Bush demonstrators at the front gates, Bush's polling numbers falling like a Bush on a bike. Yup. No politics from any dang visitors.

From Treason Incorporated:
Instant Nazi; Just add meth!

One symptom of it's use is the perception that one is "working hard" while doing little or nothing like Mr. Bush who often talks about "hard work" while it is evident that he himself doesn't do a hell of a lot and has taken 50 vacations since seizing the White House in January 2001. A false sense of power and the ability to rationalize anything at all are other symptoms of it's use as are diminishing capacity for empathy and raw aggression. Nothing I've said is news and it's effects have been known and used since the Nazis invented it and marched into Poland on the stuff. "Marching Powder" I'm told was it's original name there. I bet.
Interesting. We know Bush was a lush and a cokehead. But his vanity and his need to keep awake now he has no booze (yeah, like, right!) means he needs some stimulation. Now consider this article: From the BBC:

Methamphetamine users had bigger brain areas involved in attention, motivation and the control of movement.

They also fared worse in tests of brain function, the University of California, San Diego team found. snip
Each volunteer had a brain scan taken and completed a battery of tests that examined cognitive skills such as learning and recall, verbal fluency, information processing and motor functioning.

The meth users had increased volumes of the parietal cortex and the basal ganglia in the brain, while those with HIV had smaller than normal volumes of the cerebral cortex, basal ganglia and hippocampus.

I'm not surprised by the findings given the way the drug acts in the brain
Professor Trevor Smart, head of pharmacology at University College London

All of the abnormalities were linked to poorer performance on the cognitive tests. The researchers said these alterations and impairments could cause problems in every day life for the individual.

Head of the team Dr Terry Jernigan said: "In HIV-infected people, the cognitive impairments are associated with decreased employment and vocational abilities, difficulties with medication management, impaired driving performance and problems with general activities of daily living, such as managing money.
Yup, driving a bike over guards, managing money, heck, look at the fiscal mess we are in! Astounding, isn't it? A typical speed freak talks faster than they think and end up babbling nonsense or repeating robotically phrases stuck in the mind and who talks like that!

Fits Bush like a yellow striped shirt, no?

This speed freak wants everyone to be speeding. Here is a disturbing news story that should alarm anyone who goes on highways: From the Seattle Pi:
Truckers can still spend six days on the road during the week and drive for 11 hours at a time, thanks to a rule the Bush administration decided to leave intact even though truckers and safety advocates say it's unsafe.

For 60 years, truckers could drive for 10 consecutive hours. On Jan. 1, 2004, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration changed the rule to allow them another hour behind the wheel.

A federal court, however, threw out the changes.

On Friday, the truck-safety agency announced that a revision to the rule would still allow the big rigs to roll for 11 hours, three hours more than safety advocates say they should.
Freaked out, frenzied, brain shrunken meth using truckers! Just what America needs.

Here is what happens. From the Albany Times Union:
Two women died Friday after a tractor-trailer heading west on I-90 careened across the median and smashed into their cars.
The accident occurred just before noon between exits 9 and 10 in East Greenbush, State Police said.

Gina Gulotty, 45, of Sycamore Street in Albany, was pronounced dead at the scene. Gulotty, an Albany lawyer honored in 1998 as one of the Enterprising Women's Leadership Institute's Enterprising Women of the Year, was taken to Albany Medical Center Hospital for an autopsy. She was driving a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero.

The driver of the second car, identified as Samantha J. Vanalphen, 23, of Johnstown, also was killed, as was a dog riding in her vehicle.
I don't know why a guy driving a huge rig on a segement of highway I use a lot, ran wild. It was a pleasant, normal day. No reason. Look at what he did: f
Can't even tell those twisted metal messes were cars with women driving them! Why the government wants to make our roads unsafe is easy: money. The companies are willing to risk this sort of mess if it makes them slightly richer! Doesn't that make you want to get on a bike and peddle around a puddle.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005


Hieronymus Bosch

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Forty years ago, when visiting a doctor who loved to paint, I found a book that was all Hieronymus Bosch's paintings. I fell instantly in love. He is my Master.

From Baynews 9:f
Dying sea turtle
It's not clear why the various kinds of sea turtles are washing ashore.

"It may or may not be associated with red tide," said Cianciolo. "They tend to show symptoms of what's called a red tide intoxication, but you have to take a lot of samples and they must go through testing to actually determine that."

Dive instructor Michael Miller took underwater video to try to figure out the mystery.

"Right now, anywhere we go from shore to 20 miles offshore, from Sarasota to Tarpon Springs, we can't find a single creature alive on the bottom right now," said Miller.

Miller says he's never seen such death and devastation under water in his 20 years of diving.

"All the coral, all the sponges, all the crabs, not a single living thing, all the star fish, the brittle stars, everything's dead," said Miller.
This is no mystery. We all know why all things are dying, why the dead zones grow larger and larger, alarmingly so. We know perfectly well who caused all this and why. There is no need for more studies. There is a need for change.

I sometimes dream of flying turtles, stretching their pinions, taking to the heavens.

The need to possess is leading us to greater and greater extremes. Much of what we manufacture is useless or harmful. We fill our empty hearts with junk within our homes. Our homes get bigger and bigger and there is less and less room, the overflow of things overwhelming us on every level.

Clutching at objects, we kill our own planet.

The culture of clutter is, like it did at the dawn of the industrial age, is once again being celebrated and extended. Like in this disturbing and unfortunate piece.From the NYT:
Ilse Crawford's new book, "Home Is Where the Heart Is," published by Rizzoli in April, with photography by Martyn Thompson, is full of interiors that at first glance seem almost messy but, of course, look fantastic because they have been designed by a master stylist.

Ms. Crawford comes to clutter with impeccable modernist credentials: she is a former editor of the British magazine Elle Decoration and her firm, Studioilse, based in London, designed, among other things, Soho House, the members-only club in Manhattan's meatpacking district.

In her introduction she rails against the Bauhausian system and embraces the psychology of Abraham Maslow, whose theory of self-actualization became a staple of hot tub conversation in the 1970's. The home should be, in Ms. Crawford's view, "a canvas for self-expression," where we can "come out as ourselves."

Studioilse's motto is "modern and emotional design." In one bedroom photograph a wall is covered with a collage of photos that could have come from National Geographic: giraffes bounding across a savannah, a primitive mask, an atomic-bomb explosion.

The book is filled with such celebrations of random self-actualization. The gap-toothed bookshelves in Ms. Crawford's home intersperse unevenly stacked hardcovers and paperbacks with old photographs, postcards and knickknacks. One spread is an overhead shot of a family crashed out in domestic squalor: a balding dad playing a video game, little boys in Batman get-ups, an emptied bag of chips, Monopoly money everywhere. But all done in what Ms. Crawford calls "a combination of laissez-faire and supreme control, a mix of the relaxed and the precise."
Esthetics reflect society. Giving up on any and all forms of self control, people are now on a literal binge: consuming oil as fast as possible, eating until they burst, extreme sports, wild, ruthless living that kills everything in its path. We have decided to make this whole thing become one great big Götterdämmerung that will probably end with a nuclear war.

This unfortunate choice is just that: a choice. My experience with small children is, they can't let go of things, even string or torn paper, odds and ends, when sweeping the floor, they wail as they try to keep everything just where it had fallen. It seems to me that the esthetics of the Shakers is nearly drowned out by now. As people celebrate filling the world with human junk, one can only wonder.

Every crack in the sidewalk, nature sows her seeds and they try to grow, everywhere, life tries to wrest back Her rule. This Life and Death struggle has to be won by life.

Or we lose. Don't we?

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Friday, August 05, 2005


From Why we are not like Saddam

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

My dear friend in Britain, this OLD Brit, posted this the other day:The War on....Drugs":
Surprised? Shocked? Well, you shouldn't be. It was reported early on during this illegal Iraq invasion that the USAF officially dished out drugs -- to pilots flying too many hours and/or missions. All legal-like and out in the open too. Do a Google and check it out on the net for yourself; the USAF medical men didn't deny it -- they actually confirmed it.

Over the years, This Old Brit has known a number of galoots with their brains in their biceps, but they were mostly amongst those fond of frequenting football fields, gyms, athletics stadiums and the like. Not forgetting those who worked the doors of clip joints and other such dubious dives, of course.

But, on steroids while wearing the uniform? While flying the flag? While doing their duty? During wartime? While fighting on the front line? Jeepers creepers, most of us thought that sort of shit stopped after Viet Nam. These guys in Iraq must be going crazy.
I used to work at the Berkeley Free Clinic just off Telegraph Ave. Speed was so bad we made up the line, Speed Kills. We also told heroin users they would end up walking as if a broomstick was stuck up their rears. We were rather blunt about many drugs.

Speed and steroids are a particularily noxious combo. Recently, I had a badly injured arm and in the emergency room, the doctor gave me steroid shots directly into my arm. Later, I noticed I was getting rather tempermental. Like, wanting to punch my husband when he asked, "Do you want something to drink?"

La, it was so masculine, the urge to scream, "Ya, bitch, get me a!" only this was too embarrassing so I simply snarled to myself, sort of.

Gads, it must be hard being a man.

Alas, this drug mess came home yesterday for a poor woman in a terrible way. From the Houston Chronicle
When Stephen S. Sherwood joined the Army a year and a half ago, the former heavy-metal musician was "long-haired and tattooed and about the furthest thing from a military man you could imagine," a neighbor says.

When he came home on leave from Iraq last winter, the difference was dramatic: "Not only had he put on a lot of weight, he was real bulked up and had shaved his long hair and looked like an MP," neighbor Steve Johnson said.
On Wednesday, nine days after Sherwood returned from a tour in Iraq, he apparently shot and killed his wife before turning the gun on himself in their Fort Collins home, Army spokeswoman Dee McNutt said. Sherwood's wife's name was not released.
There is your clue. He was much more muscular. Steroids are a poison. Um, well, certainly it has been useful for human evolution and other things but it, like any enhancers, has a downside when we meddle with nature's balance.
She said Sherwood enlisted in January 2004. Johnson said Sherwood told him he signed up when his wife became pregnant because it was the only way he could get health insurance.
Now I think we can all see why the GOP won't pass any meaningful health insurance. How can they strongarm dispossessed people working for, say, Walmart, if they have a secure income and health care?

Of course. This is why our rulers make certain 45 million Americans do without.
Officials at Fort Hood, Texas, said two soldiers who served in Iraq war killed themselves in separate incidents since Saturday.
Over 90 now. They aren't counted as casualties and certainly their wives and children and neighbors aren't counted, either. Heck, we don't count hardly anyone at this point.

The news today is Bush has been forced via the courts to release pictures of dead in their coffins when they arrive in Dover. He must even allow Democratic politicans access to the airbase! My, isn't that splendid?

And some side news: thanks to all of us refusing to shut up about prisoner abuse at Gitmo, Bush and his tag team of out of the loop torturers have a solution: they are going to ship everyone to prisons in Afghanistan where we will torture them like the poor taxi driver who was kicked to death there. From Xinhuanet:
acing with accusations of prisoner abuses from both home and abroad, the US government plans to transfer the majority of terror suspects in its custody to its allies, the Washington Post said here on Friday.

As part of the plan, nearly 70 percent of the detainees at the US detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, will be turned over to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, the report said.

The newspaper quoted US officials as saying that they have reached an agreement with Afghanistan to transfer most of its nationals to Kabul's imprisonment.

At present, some 110 Afghan detainees were jailed at Guantanamo and 350 more at the Bagman airfield near Kabul. Their transfers could start early next year.

Pierre-Richard Prosper, US ambassador at large for war crimes, said he had talked about the issue with Saudi and Yemen officials. Nationals of the two countries make up a significant percentage ofthe Guantanamo prisoners.
So, we have a "ambassador at large for war crimes"? Huh? Why hasn't he frogmarched Rumsfeld and Cheney into the Hague? What is he waiting for?

A taxicab? Or is the driver unable to come, being beaten to death the other day?

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