Sunday, August 28, 2005


Hurricane Katrina, catagory 4+

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

As this storm approached Florida, there was little worry and then, as is characteristic of all large storms these days, it dumped a great deal of rain on people and killed some of them too. The blase attitude exhibited by the authorities is due entirely to them wanting to believe that global warming isn't happening and one of the chief effects of this is a hyper concentration of moisture in the oddest places as well as powerful hurricanes.

When Columbus sailed the oceans blue, he recieved the waves from a hurricane and wondered where these silent moving surges came from since the sky was clear and blue. The Spanish quickly found out about hurricanes which the natives cheerfully told them were the manifestations of their top god, Hurrikan. They all died thanks to disease and slavery. Some thanks we gave them for telling us about this vital matter!

I suppose the colonization of the Caribbean would have proceeded much slower if it weren't for the Little Ice Age which began in 1500. The dynamics of the atmosphere/oceanic systems became very quiet for 300 years as the sun paused in energy output and humans rapidly colonized vast swaths of the earth, sailing merrily about the fairly quiet oceans. Now we, the sun and the earth are in a much more dynamic matrix and if frail little wooden vessels were plying the Seven Seas, they would be doing so with a very high death rate.

Even our vast steel ships struggle in these very powerful storms. Mostly, they use modern technology to avoid them by changing course.

New Orleans is the latest place in the Eye of the Storm. Last year, when one killer hurricane after another struck Florida and the Gulf coast, each storm slid past New Orleans. The one that nearly hit, they evacuated the city...except for the poor and the elderly who have no trasportation and no where to go. The mayor refused to house them and they survived that death trap only because the dice were rolled and the number was seven, not snake eyes.

Many people yelled at the mayor for this and this time, with only hours to go, they are reluctantly opening the stadium to the people. But evacuating the homebound has to be done door to door. I wonder if this is happening. I hope they help the elderly and ill and disabled.

Every weather story comes with the American ritual words that I suspect our rulers force weather comentators and reporters to insert--"This doesn't necessarily mean it has anything to do with global warming." This tics me off because most of the time, it has 100% to do with global warming. The increasing dynamism of the ecosphere is very much a global warming artifact and this includes cold weather being turned into pockets that plunge temperatures whereever they form! f Hell on earth indeed. All of southern Europe is on fire thanks to a very bad drought. Here in NY, we spent a hot dry summer, too. I have noticed this pattern now. Every fifth year is a drought summer and on the opposite side, drought winters. Then we get floods. This is so bad, my farm suffers from this and I am slowly terracing it so the water doesn't run off in drought years and in rainy years, breech the barriers to let the water flow. This field has produced hay for three hundred years, pretty reliably. I knew old farmers here who were 100 years old who used to hay my field with a scythe.

Now it struggles thanks to global warming and my great oaks, some of which predate Columbus, they are dying. They shouldn't be dying for they live very long lives but the alternating flood/drought cycle hurts them a lot.
This last week there were terrible floods in the Alps. This is summer time! It isn't supposed to flood. Like here in NY, floods are a spring thing, not August! My German side of the family still lives in the Alpine regions and they say, this is amazing and horrifying. Long family memories, some live in the houses we built 400 years ago.

So while having huge floods in the high mountains of central Europe, there is hopeless drought only 500 miles away! This is yet another sign of the atmosphere becoming very active and heating up meaning the molecules are moving faster and banging into each other and this dynamism acting with the oceans and melting ice sheets is speeding up the winds. China got hit with one powerful typhoon after another just this month alone.

The hurricane about to slam into America is so big and dynamic, it is now drawing energy off the Pacific Ocean as well as the Gulf bath tub. Just last week, I read another story of mass fish die-offs, this dead zone being in Texas rather than Florida (um, the gods really must love both states?) because of the Gulf overheating plus human pollution. Each year, it is worse and worse and yet we sit here, thinking it doesn't matter if we rot the entire planet. This is why, yet again, Bush and his devils attacked any international commission or words about the ecosystem.

Bolton, the man put in the UN over the head of the Senate, ordered the UN to remove all words concerning the planet's health from their declaration of UN principals. This action got little attention from nearly anyone but he did it and we will pay for it. Mother Nature carries a huge veto in the UN. Her veto is final. It is also irreversable if we don't heed Her warnings and listen carefully to Her warnings. If She declares war on us, She will win. Period. We can only form an alliance or endure Her attacks until She annihilates us.

She is a wonderful person if you are nice to Her. She will happily clothe and feed us and let us reproduce if we take great care of Her own needs. If we refuse to love Her, She simply walks away from us, leaving us to our own devices. Which are extrodinarily feeble in comparison to what She has at hand. Hurricanes and tornadoes and earthquakes and volcanoes not to mention tsunamis and metor strikes and suns going nova. Indeed, black holes sucking down each other, doesn't She have many amusements!

Best to stay on Her good side, isn't it?

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