Friday, August 05, 2005


From Why we are not like Saddam

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

My dear friend in Britain, this OLD Brit, posted this the other day:The War on....Drugs":
Surprised? Shocked? Well, you shouldn't be. It was reported early on during this illegal Iraq invasion that the USAF officially dished out drugs -- to pilots flying too many hours and/or missions. All legal-like and out in the open too. Do a Google and check it out on the net for yourself; the USAF medical men didn't deny it -- they actually confirmed it.

Over the years, This Old Brit has known a number of galoots with their brains in their biceps, but they were mostly amongst those fond of frequenting football fields, gyms, athletics stadiums and the like. Not forgetting those who worked the doors of clip joints and other such dubious dives, of course.

But, on steroids while wearing the uniform? While flying the flag? While doing their duty? During wartime? While fighting on the front line? Jeepers creepers, most of us thought that sort of shit stopped after Viet Nam. These guys in Iraq must be going crazy.
I used to work at the Berkeley Free Clinic just off Telegraph Ave. Speed was so bad we made up the line, Speed Kills. We also told heroin users they would end up walking as if a broomstick was stuck up their rears. We were rather blunt about many drugs.

Speed and steroids are a particularily noxious combo. Recently, I had a badly injured arm and in the emergency room, the doctor gave me steroid shots directly into my arm. Later, I noticed I was getting rather tempermental. Like, wanting to punch my husband when he asked, "Do you want something to drink?"

La, it was so masculine, the urge to scream, "Ya, bitch, get me a!" only this was too embarrassing so I simply snarled to myself, sort of.

Gads, it must be hard being a man.

Alas, this drug mess came home yesterday for a poor woman in a terrible way. From the Houston Chronicle
When Stephen S. Sherwood joined the Army a year and a half ago, the former heavy-metal musician was "long-haired and tattooed and about the furthest thing from a military man you could imagine," a neighbor says.

When he came home on leave from Iraq last winter, the difference was dramatic: "Not only had he put on a lot of weight, he was real bulked up and had shaved his long hair and looked like an MP," neighbor Steve Johnson said.
On Wednesday, nine days after Sherwood returned from a tour in Iraq, he apparently shot and killed his wife before turning the gun on himself in their Fort Collins home, Army spokeswoman Dee McNutt said. Sherwood's wife's name was not released.
There is your clue. He was much more muscular. Steroids are a poison. Um, well, certainly it has been useful for human evolution and other things but it, like any enhancers, has a downside when we meddle with nature's balance.
She said Sherwood enlisted in January 2004. Johnson said Sherwood told him he signed up when his wife became pregnant because it was the only way he could get health insurance.
Now I think we can all see why the GOP won't pass any meaningful health insurance. How can they strongarm dispossessed people working for, say, Walmart, if they have a secure income and health care?

Of course. This is why our rulers make certain 45 million Americans do without.
Officials at Fort Hood, Texas, said two soldiers who served in Iraq war killed themselves in separate incidents since Saturday.
Over 90 now. They aren't counted as casualties and certainly their wives and children and neighbors aren't counted, either. Heck, we don't count hardly anyone at this point.

The news today is Bush has been forced via the courts to release pictures of dead in their coffins when they arrive in Dover. He must even allow Democratic politicans access to the airbase! My, isn't that splendid?

And some side news: thanks to all of us refusing to shut up about prisoner abuse at Gitmo, Bush and his tag team of out of the loop torturers have a solution: they are going to ship everyone to prisons in Afghanistan where we will torture them like the poor taxi driver who was kicked to death there. From Xinhuanet:
acing with accusations of prisoner abuses from both home and abroad, the US government plans to transfer the majority of terror suspects in its custody to its allies, the Washington Post said here on Friday.

As part of the plan, nearly 70 percent of the detainees at the US detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, will be turned over to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, the report said.

The newspaper quoted US officials as saying that they have reached an agreement with Afghanistan to transfer most of its nationals to Kabul's imprisonment.

At present, some 110 Afghan detainees were jailed at Guantanamo and 350 more at the Bagman airfield near Kabul. Their transfers could start early next year.

Pierre-Richard Prosper, US ambassador at large for war crimes, said he had talked about the issue with Saudi and Yemen officials. Nationals of the two countries make up a significant percentage ofthe Guantanamo prisoners.
So, we have a "ambassador at large for war crimes"? Huh? Why hasn't he frogmarched Rumsfeld and Cheney into the Hague? What is he waiting for?

A taxicab? Or is the driver unable to come, being beaten to death the other day?

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