Tuesday, August 23, 2005


From Nostalgia Books, Little Nemo

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

In the never ending battle to work people to death, science delves into all sort of nasty ways to keep us awake. When speed was first introduced, it was very popular with the military and businesses and people in general. Pop a pill and work until you drop...dead. You see, the quaint idea that the human mind and body must rest and reset itself is shrugged off by people seeking to extend labor to the breaking point.

From the BBC:
A drug could reverse the effects of sleep deprivation in the brain, a US study of monkeys has suggested.
The drug comes from a class of molecules called ampakines which enhance how some chemical receptors work in the brain.

It helped monkeys overcome their lack of sleep, the study in the Public Library of Science - Biology showed.

Researchers from North Carolina's Wake Forest University hope it could help people like doctors and shift workers.

The study was partly funded by the US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency as part of a project to reduce of eliminate the effects of sleep deprivation on soldiers.
DARPA strikes again. They want soldiers to fight nonstop. Human robots. The damage they take should be minimized by preventing their pain centers from communicating with the main frame of the brain. Drugs to short circuit sleep, sex, pain, the goal is to turn humans into killing machines that have no psyche, no counter controls.

Ditto doctors. As they go through the motions of fixing the bodies of the damaged robotic soldiers, they too, must become heartless and cold, working like machines that have hijacked human minds to wrest control of the all important body.

All these drug interventions lead to death of the host body.
Samuel Deadwyler, of who led the Wake Forest University School of Medicine research, said: "The drug didn't cause overall brain arousal, but increased the ability of certain affected areas to become active in a normal, non-sleep-deprived manner."

He added: "It's possible that ampakines could also be used to enhance other cognitive deficits, such as occur in Alzheimer's disease, after a stroke or other forms of dementia."

The researchers said the drug did not appear to be linked to side effects such as hyperactivity, distorted thinking or extended wakefulness.

The drug's manufacturer, Cortex Pharmaceuticals, has also reported positive results from tests on sleep-deprived humans with positive results.

Dr Neil Stanley, of the British Sleep Society, who was involved in the human study, said: "The more we know about the brain, the more medicines can be targeted.
"Ampakines are an exciting class of drug.

"If you can keep the brain thriving, more people may have benefits than shift workers - it may have benefits for people with conditions such as Alzheimer's disease."
There is no need to stimulate sleep deprived brains. The brain shutting down is its way of protecting itself and the body. I also wonder how the monkeys were "sleep deprived." Understanding dementia is a complex science. Helping people who can't access their own thoughts is definitely required. We have to understand evolution and the human brain if we want to understand why some elderly suffer so many different types of brain damage. Fixing it with a drug is nice but not the solution. Besides, the point of this drug is mainly to work people to death. To overcome the body's defences.

With coffee or speed or any stimulant, at first the mind "sharpens" and thinking is so easy but over time it deteriorates because the stresses of not releasing control over the creative parts of the mind finally causes all to blow apart, psychologically. Namely, it isn't merely the sleep but the dreaming that saves our minds from its own delusions and devices! Many people can't remember their dreams, I can and do, maybe because I was struck by lightning so much, I am aware of my dreams all night long, like someone watching TV, it is amusing how my brain processes stuff picked up during the day! The dreamworld is a crazy world where anything and everything can happen. When humans can't dream, and we all dream, we go mad and the dreamworld's ethos becomes the waking world's nightmare.

We need the fantasy retreat of dreamland to function.