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By Elaine Meinel Supkis

When trapped in an Iowa cornfield when questions about his past drug abuse were in the news early in 2000, Bush stumbled about, groping for some lie to fling to the dogs baying at his heels. "I haven't used drugs recently" was his storyline. Suddenly, the news media shut off all comment about his drug abuse when his campaign manager met with the media owners and told them they would not only get massive tax cuts but would also be allowed to merge and create monopolies unlike Clinton/Gore who were going after monopoly powers like Microsoft.

This turned the tide and all news stories focused on what Gore wore and said while Bush could yammer like a brain damaged monkey and win praise and all research about his checkered past of law breaking, boozing, drugs, AWOL, insider trading went utterly unreported.

Now that thousands of anonymous Americans have died, and after Rita killed rather a few (after the press crowed that no one died!), Bush is in hot water. Despite the media owners best attempts at clothing this naked psychopath, his popularity has been going straight down for quite a while. Now the media is very nervous. Losing viewers and readers, they know they can't do wall to wall Pravda and survive so they are reluctantly reporting the truth now.

The president was hearing mostly good news. The storm, though strong, was not a Category 4 or 5 monster. The vast network of refineries and oil platforms seemed to mostly withstand the 120-mile-an-hour winds and 15-foot storm surge. It would take weeks to get the gulf oil industry fully back online, and fuel prices were sure to go up. But the storm did not appear to have wrecked the economy or claimed hundreds of lives.

The president didn't look all that relieved or happy, however. His eyes were puffy from lack of sleep (he had been awakened all through the night with bulletins), and he seemed cranky and fidgety. A group of reporters and photographers had been summoned by White House handlers to capture a photo op of the commander in chief at his post. Bush stared at them balefully. He rocked back and forth in his chair, furiously at times, asked no questions and took no notes. It almost seemed as though he resented having to strike a pose for the press.
You dummies. He always resented striking poses. This is why he drinks. So he can endure the scrutiny of the cameras that don't lie which is why nearly all pictures of Bush are heavily censored...until recently. Now, they pour out via great sites like the Yahoo one I use to scan hundreds of pictures, eight at a time.
The president made no effort to play down hurricanes as natural calamities that are unavoidable and hence uncontrollable. Instead, he reinforced the link between hurricanes and terrorism, suggesting that Osama bin Laden must have been pleased with the havoc wreaked by Katrina. When Rita threatened, Bush took personal control of the disaster preparations. He was so deep in the details that he supervised, via videoconference from his Northcom command post, the evacuation of a single hospital in Beaumont, Texas, to make sure the Feds and the state were taking the right steps and talking to each other. When his briefers reported that local governments were being faxed legal waivers to expedite the cleanup, the president helpfully pointed out that many local officials still don't have working fax machines. (Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff assured him that his people were making follow-up phone calls.)
That famous psychopath, Hitler, as his ship was going down, took more and more "control" over petty details of the war. With similar results.

When the media tried to make the Rita mess look good, minimizing the damage which was enormous but didn't directly hit Houston (or Houston would be a shattered ruin today!), minimizing the deaths, crowing about how it was zero when the rescue/body search had barely begun, crowing about how this wasn't going to impact our gas guzzling. Look at this headline: From the NYT:
President Calls for Less Driving to Conserve Gas
With fears mounting that high energy costs will crimp economic growth, President Bush called on Americans yesterday to conserve gasoline by driving less. He also issued a directive for all federal agencies to cut their own energy use and to encourage employees to use public transportation. What happened to the "they won't make us change the American Way!" rhetoric? And the "there is no oil crisis" lip flapping? Or the "the refineries and rigs in the Gulf are OK" lies?

Down the chute.
"We can all pitch in," Mr. Bush said. "People just need to recognize that the storms have caused disruption," he added, and that if Americans are able to avoid going "on a trip that's not essential, that would be helpful."

Mr. Bush promised to dip further into the government's petroleum reserve, if necessary, and to continue relaxing environmental and transportation rules in an effort to get more gasoline flowing.

On Capitol Hill, senior Republicans called for new legislation that they said would lower energy costs by increasing supply and expanding oil refining capacity over the long run.
I read an old Business Week from June that had all these stupid articles about the Hubbert Oil Peak and it said, it isn't here because oil production is at a peak.

Ahem. That is what it is! We pump like mad and it isn't enough so we pump even faster. The rush to use up all the remaining oil immediately is very strong, as I keep saying. Instead of keeping it in the ground for future use, we are sucking it up as fast as possible.

This is how psychotics operate. They don't lead, they flounder. We all know the facts but because this conflicts with our desires, we do psychotic things like try to steal oil in Iraq. A psycho, instead of conserving oil, decides we must rape the earth, pollute everything and make a screaming mess. I have dealt with psychotic people who suffered brain damage, they are unreasonable and violent and will, while screaming, "I am not out of control," will smash through walls and fall down stairs, etc.
Households are on pace to spend an average of $4,500 on energy this year, up about $500 from last year and $900 more than in 2003, according to Global Insight, a research firm.

Mr. Bush's comments, while similar to remarks he made shortly after the disruption from Hurricane Katrina pushed gasoline prices sharply higher, were particularly notable because the administration has long emphasized new production over conservation. It has also opted not to impose higher mileage standards on automakers.
The rational moves to deal with obvious problems were not pursued because psycho Bush was strongly interacting with psycho America, drunk on power and in love with speed.

And speed is a deadly drug.
Mr. Bush, speaking yesterday after he was briefed at the Energy Department, did not use the dour tone or cardigan-wearing imagery that proved politically deadly for Jimmy Carter during the oil crisis of the 1970's. Nor did Mr. Bush propose new policies to encourage conservation. But he was more explicit than in the past that Americans should cut back.
Dummies. I hate it when the news reporters act stupid. Carter made his speech in the middle of fricking winter. It was cold. It is hot right now even for September! Why on earth would Bush dress as if it were winter?

The coming winter will kill many Americans if we don't increase the home heating aid and quess what? As today's earlier article detailed, we are spending like fiends on war and are shipping our manufacturing AND military/industrial jobs to other countries! So it is a double jeopardy gambit. Burning our candle at both ends.
In response to higher energy costs, households are likely to spend less on restaurant meals, clothing and other items. That would slow economic growth in coming months, but economists predicted that other forces - like a continuing housing boom and rising corporate investments in factories and equipment - would keep the economy growing.

"I don't think we're talking about a recession or a near recession," said Joshua Shapiro, the chief United States economist at MFR, a research company in New York. "I think we're talking about growth that is slower than people expected."
This "research company" should fire the economists working for it. Obviously, they are brain dead. Our "growth" this last five years is 100% due to taking on a towering mountain of debt as we sucked the savings of the entire planet into our maws. Which is now a chain around our neck (attached to a bear trap!). I know for a fact, the only spending I am doing or seeing around me, is people frantically trying to make themselves energy efficient as fast as possible. I have a lot of work lined up in exactly this area.

Being a psychopath dependant upon a psychopath, bin Laden, Bush has set all priorities on insane paths. Here is a typical example: Capitol Hill Blue:
“I didn’t sign on for this,” he said. “The bureau has gone to hell in a hand basket.”

He tells a disturbing story of an agency ripped apart internally by turf battles, emasculated by an attorney general who believes Constitutional rights get in the way of a poorly-managed war on terror and an administration whose focus is marginal at best.

“Our number one priority in law enforcement is supposed to be fighting terrorism,” he says. “So what’s the latest initiative by Justice and the bureau? We’ve declared war on pornography.”
The anthrax killer who attacked only people on the Bush hate list, Bush picks inappropriate targets as well as unconstitutional targets deliberately. He has to keep the FBI nonfunctional because he is a criminal with a criminal past and needs to have them scattered and useless. The real rulers make tons of money peddling porn. You can bet, they aren't going to be controlled, only the open competition from outsiders.

The internet devalued porn by making so much available it became virtually for free if not totally free. This annoys the porn peddlers just as much as legalizing drugs make drug lords pissed off.

The Abramoff gambling/lobbying scandals are still unfolding. One would think the media and the FBI and everyone would be treating this like the press/Federal government's jihad against Clinton because of hair cuts, missing Ws on computers, blue dresses, White water in which he lost money, not gained, and so on.

Thinking about all this, one realizes, America is full of psychopaths who are losing their minds. Time to put them in the asylum to protect US, not them.

Better still, jail.

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