Friday, November 25, 2005

The Family Enjoys Dinner and Thank You, Everyone

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

It has been only half a year since Culture of Life News was launched and we just want to thank our readers for taking the time to look into this blog. We hope to keep this going, see no reason why not. So many things to say, so many things to do! Enjoy life, for living is the whole point of being alive, no?

My dear husband, Chris, and his parents, Stan and Rosemary, sat at one end of the table. Happy birthday, Rosemary! Live long and prosper (proper Spockian pronouncement).

My son, Dan, peace.

Dan and his sister, Isadora at the opposite end of the table, their dad in the back, checking out the apple pies he and Rosemary, my mother-in-law backed. Everyone made pies so we get to eat them for the next week which is OK with me.

The clean-up crew arrives just in time to clean the floors, wash the dishes and quarrel with each other over the right to lick the turkey bowl. They do a pretty good job. Nothing is missed.

This morning, it is 12 degrees F outside. Ice on everything. The chickadees are all over the peach tree outside my window, each pecking apart their sunflower seeds. The chickens descended upon the remains of dinner, eating the potato peelings and salad left overs. Sparky gets another apple, of course.

I hope everyone enjoyed yesterday as much as we did. Life can be sweet, we enjoy those moments that are like this. And happy birthday, Dad! I love you.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Feast Cooked Victorian-style

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

My family has celebrated the end of harvest and beginning of the harsh New England winter since the mid 1600's, The Hudson Valley was rich with hunting, unlike in Europe, anyone could hunt deer and eat venison, without a patent from the Crown, there were wild turkeys and of course, all that wonderful food the natives had tamed and cultivated like potatoes and squash, corn and various beans.

We owe everything we have today to the natives. So today, we should remember who brought the first baskets of bounty in the New World, who saved us when we invaded, generously sharing their skills and knowledge. Thank you. Wish we were nicer about it all.

My husband and son and I plus assorted friends over the years, lived for ten years in a tent complex we built on the side of a mountain. I prepared all our meals and tended the home fires, literally, as if I were a Victorian woman, we even had to carry our water by hand or make it out of snow.

Now we live in a very modern house but I still heat it Victorian style and I love my woodstove for baking and so today, everyone in my clan are coming over to eat a Victorian style turkey dinner.

I got up as usual at 4:30 am to start the cookstove. It involves chopping firewood to really slender girth, matting up paper and some cardboard and throwing a match at the whole thing. Boof! The fire comes to life.

Gradually, it heats up the big cast iron beast. I watch both the chimney thermometer to insure no chimney fires and the woodstove' thermometer on the door which was a fine invention back in 1889 when this fine machine was cast in New York, back when we were an industrial base.

Went outside to feed the animals and surprize!

Next week it is going to be super-warm. But today is a Santa-white-Christmas holiday. Ho ho ho.

Sparky was bred to gad about the Alps. He is an old breed of horse. Thick necked and thick headed. Took a while for him to figure out who is boss. Well, don't ask him. He lies. I am the boss. Sort of. When riding him, if you pull on the reins to turn his head, his neck is thick, he can ignore this. Worse, you can turn his head all the way around until he is nibbling at your boots and he will still go straight ahead. So I have to talk him into going places.

Back in the kitchen, it is time to assmble the ingredients for cooking the turkey, it is about 7:30am.

The turkey, of course. 17 pounds. Must cook for at least six hours, the cooking is a tad slower in old fashioned ovens. They get warm but don't have the intense super hot/no heat cycle that modern oven have. Instead, the temperature slowly goes up, hovers there for as long as one feeds the fire and then slowly declines. No cycling. So cooking times are quite different.

I place a grill at the bottom of my biggest mixing bowl. This is round which is nice because the heat in the oven comes mostly from the left side where the grate is. The fire bricks inside the firebox diffuses the heat but it is still significantly warmer on that side so every 15 or 20 minutes or so, I bast the turkey and rotate the bowl. Spin that wheel!

Here are most of the ingredients: celery, portabello mushrooms, yellow onions, Macintosh apples (organic, not computer!), oysters and potatoes. I dowse the turkey with dill vinegar, rub in olive oil and scatter rosemary on top. I then fine chop the celery, half the mushrooms and one onion and sautee.

They cook over the hottest burner of the woodstove. I then chop and cook the oysters seperately.

I mix it altogether with the breadcrumbs, butter and vegetable soup stock to make the stuffing.

Here is mother's helpers, making the stuffing. I cook it all in the big pot on the woodstove. It doesn't burn because the heat is very diffuse.

I then "rape" the turkey, yes, it is pretty much the same in a Freudian way. Stick my arm deep inside and jam the stuffing there. Ick. The turkey is cold. At least it isn't frozen. I cut up the apples and last onion into quarters and grace them about the turkey in the pan. Throw in the rest of the uncut mushrooms and this bakes along with the turkey and is basted with the juices so they form a sweet, succulent sauce. The flavor is awesome and it is so easy to do.

Kneeling on the floor, I tuck the turkey into the oven. Akamaru wonders why bother cooking it? Why not tear it apart and gulp it down now? The poor dog knows we do dumb things to food but she will eat later with gusto.

"No! Please! Don't put it away! I want it now!" She telegraphs to me. Sorry, chibi-maru, in it goes. I don't do raw turkey. Sushi, yes. Turkey, no way.

Here we can see what the oven looks like inside. I have a pizza stone on the bottom since the turkey is too big to sit on a rack. The stone holds heat really well, too. It helps the heat diffusion. Even in my modern oven, I use the stone for everything for the same reason. If you don't have a pizza stone, try to get one. They are wonderful.
Now we wait for several hours, time to clean the house and prepare for the guests!

I hope your are all having a good Thanksgiving, too, today. Will post about the dinner later.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Bush is Now Drunk Most of the Time

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yeltsin was a notorious drunk. So were the Ford family which is why President Ford's wife started her clinic for drunks. A lot of people in power are alcoholics. The Bush family is so notoriously drunk, they often are in jail for it and drug abuse. Why "sober Christians" think this clan of satanic drunks is a great role model shouldn't baffle us, after all, the devil nearly always wins in the struggle for weaker souls.

From Crooks and Liars:
Bush with Kilgore

Sunday Funnies (party time?)

I was sent this video and received many emails asking C&L to post it. I usually will try to post requests with as many as I received on this video. President Bush tries to help Mr. Kilgore right before the election. How did that work out?

Click here to see movie of Bush's latest drunken exploits
We saw the time Bush and Laura, both drunk, laugh with delight as Bush staggered up to some right wing school kiddies in Texas and dropped his little black dog on its head, knocking it out. The kids cried in horror and the two evil Bushes laughed, they thought this was a big joke, the silly dog looked like it was dead but it sprang back to life, like Jesus, I assume.

This startling episode happened before the last stolen election. Of course, the news media didn't trumpet it all over the place like Monica's dress of Dean yelling. Nope. It got near zero coverage though it went all over the left blogsphere. When Bush clonked himself during the Super Bowl, drinking, they made up the most infantile stories explaining away this obvious mess. Yet the next morning he was so soused he could barely stagger around and he had that goofy drunk grin guys on skid row exhibit.

I once worked in a bar and grill. Not one drunk ever said he or she was drunk. They were always "in control" which is why they run over people all the time (Laura was supposedly sober when she ran a stop sign in her hometown, driving at a high speed, killing her ex-boyfriend). Laura sober...HAHAHAHA. I drank when I wanted when I was 16. All my friends drank. Usually after school but before the parents were home or noticed not that they noticed in the sixties, most parents were pretty drunk too.

The National Enquirer which ran the drunk Jenna photos and the druggie photos of Jeb's sick children, are carrying story after story about how drunk Bush is. They won't talk about how drunk Laura is but if she is sober then I am a monkey's banana.

Drunks hate drinking alone and you can bet Laura keeps up with her buddy bottle for bottle.

The Bush family like the Kennedy family can't keep sober or out of trouble. In and out of jails, worse than the Kennedys, at least the Kennedys, when sober, are smart! No, the Bushes are out of the loop and out of touch with reality and if this is sober and dignified then dead skunks on highways are Cloe' perfume samples.

Drunks are never responsible for anything. Cars drive out of control, they ain't at the wheel. Aides hide stuff, no one tells them vital information, drunks are slackers supreme. From Forward:
A former top official in the Bush administration is suggesting that a White House memo outlining the need for hundreds of thousands of troops for the Iraq invasion was kept from the president. Lawrence Wilkerson, who served as chief of staff to then-secretary of state Colin Powell during President Bush's first term, said in a November 7 speech that the National Security Council had prepared a pre-war memo recommending that hundreds of thousands of troops and other security personnel were needed. “I don't know if the president saw it,” Wilkerson told the audience of military officers and international lawyers, who had gathered at the military for a conference on on international humanitarian law. In response to a follow-up question after his speech, Wilkerson, a retired U.S. army colonel, said he believed that then-national security advisor Condoleezza Rice or her deputy, Stephen Hadley, had blocked the memo, but he acknowledged that he had no clear evidence.
"No clear evidence" means he is making stuff up. So why would Condi hide important information from her "husband"? No pillow talk for bubble boy?

I knew about the need for 500,000 troops! More than one general yelled in public about this! All who did so were demoted or took early retirement! If I knew, Bush could have known if he wasn't soused to the gills on Gilligan's Island! The Bushes want to run the world while being out of the loop all the time. Well, they can loop-de-loop at Coney Island, not DC, if they want.

Why do these people want...they want money. The only way to steal from America is to be in power and grab whatever one can. And they have been two-handing the loot, forget being uninformed.

Feeble brained drunks shouldn't conduct wars. Well, only if they are Churchill or Grant. Generally, this is a bad thing.

Giving our White House to a family with a long criminal record is a bad thing, too. Arrest them again, arrest them all, put them all in the drunk tank and dry them out. Then put them on trial, all of them, every last one of them.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

US Military Dumped 75 Years Worth of Poison in Ocean

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Pentagon documents show that they dumped much of the toxic gases and fluids inside 55 gallon drums into the oceans all over the planet. This has killed a lot of ocean dwelling creatures and the poisons returned to us with a vengence via eating seafood contaminated by these toxins.

From USA Today:
The Army secretly dumped 64 million pounds of nerve and mustard agents into the ocean, along with 400,000 chemical-filled bombs, land mines and rockets — either tossed overboard or packed into the holds of scuttled vessels, according to an investigation by The (Newport News, Va.) Daily Press.

"We do not claim to know where they all are," said William Brankowitz, a deputy project manager in the Army Chemical Materials Agency and a leading authority on the Army's chemical weapons dumping. "We don't want to be cavalier at all and say this stuff was exposed to water and is OK. It can last for a very, very long time."

The weapons of mass destruction may still be deadly, and were dumped along with more than 500 tons of radioactive waste from World War II until 1970, after which Congress and international treaty banned the practice.
Just like the above ground nuclear bomb tests which have poisoned the entire planet and which is partially responsible for the skyrocketing cancer rates that plague us today, this poison is long living, releases slowly as the forces of nature corrode the containers and hard to stop. It enters the entire food chain from the bottom dwellers to the great whales. This summer, the Gulf of Mexico witnessed giant die-offs of nearly all marine life. Ditto many other places such as the Delta in northern California where the smelt catch collapsed nearly totally.

The harvesting of the seas coupled with the poisoning of the seas equals the death of a huge sector of the planetary eco-system and adding global warming and the thinning of the ozone layer, the devastation is very great now and growing.

When the military shoveled all this poison created to murder conscripted soldiers and civilians trapped in cities during wars or peasants who stubbornly refuse to surrender, is dumped into the sea, it didn't disappear. The childish idea that poisoning the world's well wouldn't matter still astonishes me. Since the earliest days of human habitation, nay, when the earliers animal herder tribes moved across the great plains of Asia, the worry about poisoning wells has been a top fear, a fear so great, every time a plague hits or the water goes bad, raging mobs would massacre whoever was a convienent scapegoat as the poor Jews of Medivael Europe endured again and again.

So the excuse, "We couldn't imagine (fill in the obvious blanks here) would happen" is a blatant lie. As a child, I could figure this out. Pour a few drops of toxins in a fish tank and watch them die! Just as we happily flushed our toilets into the rivers and seas, I would ask, "Would you want to drink your own piss?" Today, our piss, even after "purification" is still so toxic, it is destroying water lifeforms at a ferocious rate. Viagra and birth control methods top the list of human generated piss toxins disrupting the sex lives of marine animals all the way up to whales.

All our medicines that pass through the spleen end up in the water and humans are taking so many medicines and are in such great numbers now, this is a tidalwave of toxins that also are changing viruses that fish have to endure.

Just like the Pentagon refusing to record where they dumped their toxins, our entire planetery culture stubbornly refuses to track its toxic wastes, incurious about the effects of all of this. We better wake up for if our entire sea/fresh water life ecosystem collapses, the collapse of all other life forms isn't too far off, too. The fossil record makes this very clear.

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