Sunday, November 13, 2005

Bush is Now Drunk Most of the Time

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yeltsin was a notorious drunk. So were the Ford family which is why President Ford's wife started her clinic for drunks. A lot of people in power are alcoholics. The Bush family is so notoriously drunk, they often are in jail for it and drug abuse. Why "sober Christians" think this clan of satanic drunks is a great role model shouldn't baffle us, after all, the devil nearly always wins in the struggle for weaker souls.

From Crooks and Liars:
Bush with Kilgore

Sunday Funnies (party time?)

I was sent this video and received many emails asking C&L to post it. I usually will try to post requests with as many as I received on this video. President Bush tries to help Mr. Kilgore right before the election. How did that work out?

Click here to see movie of Bush's latest drunken exploits
We saw the time Bush and Laura, both drunk, laugh with delight as Bush staggered up to some right wing school kiddies in Texas and dropped his little black dog on its head, knocking it out. The kids cried in horror and the two evil Bushes laughed, they thought this was a big joke, the silly dog looked like it was dead but it sprang back to life, like Jesus, I assume.

This startling episode happened before the last stolen election. Of course, the news media didn't trumpet it all over the place like Monica's dress of Dean yelling. Nope. It got near zero coverage though it went all over the left blogsphere. When Bush clonked himself during the Super Bowl, drinking, they made up the most infantile stories explaining away this obvious mess. Yet the next morning he was so soused he could barely stagger around and he had that goofy drunk grin guys on skid row exhibit.

I once worked in a bar and grill. Not one drunk ever said he or she was drunk. They were always "in control" which is why they run over people all the time (Laura was supposedly sober when she ran a stop sign in her hometown, driving at a high speed, killing her ex-boyfriend). Laura sober...HAHAHAHA. I drank when I wanted when I was 16. All my friends drank. Usually after school but before the parents were home or noticed not that they noticed in the sixties, most parents were pretty drunk too.

The National Enquirer which ran the drunk Jenna photos and the druggie photos of Jeb's sick children, are carrying story after story about how drunk Bush is. They won't talk about how drunk Laura is but if she is sober then I am a monkey's banana.

Drunks hate drinking alone and you can bet Laura keeps up with her buddy bottle for bottle.

The Bush family like the Kennedy family can't keep sober or out of trouble. In and out of jails, worse than the Kennedys, at least the Kennedys, when sober, are smart! No, the Bushes are out of the loop and out of touch with reality and if this is sober and dignified then dead skunks on highways are Cloe' perfume samples.

Drunks are never responsible for anything. Cars drive out of control, they ain't at the wheel. Aides hide stuff, no one tells them vital information, drunks are slackers supreme. From Forward:
A former top official in the Bush administration is suggesting that a White House memo outlining the need for hundreds of thousands of troops for the Iraq invasion was kept from the president. Lawrence Wilkerson, who served as chief of staff to then-secretary of state Colin Powell during President Bush's first term, said in a November 7 speech that the National Security Council had prepared a pre-war memo recommending that hundreds of thousands of troops and other security personnel were needed. “I don't know if the president saw it,” Wilkerson told the audience of military officers and international lawyers, who had gathered at the military for a conference on on international humanitarian law. In response to a follow-up question after his speech, Wilkerson, a retired U.S. army colonel, said he believed that then-national security advisor Condoleezza Rice or her deputy, Stephen Hadley, had blocked the memo, but he acknowledged that he had no clear evidence.
"No clear evidence" means he is making stuff up. So why would Condi hide important information from her "husband"? No pillow talk for bubble boy?

I knew about the need for 500,000 troops! More than one general yelled in public about this! All who did so were demoted or took early retirement! If I knew, Bush could have known if he wasn't soused to the gills on Gilligan's Island! The Bushes want to run the world while being out of the loop all the time. Well, they can loop-de-loop at Coney Island, not DC, if they want.

Why do these people want...they want money. The only way to steal from America is to be in power and grab whatever one can. And they have been two-handing the loot, forget being uninformed.

Feeble brained drunks shouldn't conduct wars. Well, only if they are Churchill or Grant. Generally, this is a bad thing.

Giving our White House to a family with a long criminal record is a bad thing, too. Arrest them again, arrest them all, put them all in the drunk tank and dry them out. Then put them on trial, all of them, every last one of them.

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