Tuesday, January 17, 2006

9/11 Heroes Are Now Rapidly Dying of Lung Disease And Mercury Poisoning

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The 9/11 heroes are now rapidly dying, one after the other, of black lung disease and mercury poisoning. All this could have been avoided if we did the right things during the clean-up but the EPA was ordered to lie about toxic dust.

From Associated Press:
James Zadroga spent 16 hours a day toiling in the World Trade Center ruins for a month, breathing in debris-choked air. Timothy Keller said he coughed up bits of gravel from his lungs after the towers fell on Sept. 11, 2001. Felix Hernandez spent days at the site helping to search for victims.

All three men died in the past seven months of what their families and colleagues say were persistent respiratory illnesses directly caused by their work at ground zero.

While thousands of people who either worked at or lived near the site have reported ailments such as "trade center cough" since the terrorist attacks, some say that only now are the consequences of working at the site becoming heartbreakingly clear.
So many Americans, especially the right wingers and the Republicans, screamed they would never ever forget 9/11. Alas, they have already forgotten.

You see, aside from Bush's inner circle who well know they are awfully complicit in this great crime, are also even more obviously complicit in this developing tragedy. Namely, I remember very clearly, the EPA doing a few feeble air quality tests several blocks away from that death disaster and saying, all was well, which was a rank lie even at that point.

And the air at the WTC itself was hideous. Not only did it burn for many days, the frantic efforts to remove everything, typical when a crime is committed and people want to hide the evidence, the Feds encouraged everyone to work swiftly to remove absolutely everything without any environmental studies, nothing, no planning, just remove it all, pronto.

Frantic to do something, anything, the real heroes, the simple people who worked day after sad day, digging and digging even though, rationally, no one could have survived the utter disintigrating, broiling mess, after day five, the rescue work should have been stopped and everyone stepping back to reconsider how to deal with this unprecedented situation.

So far, all the 9/11 dogs are dead. They set their brave noses to the debrie and sucked in all the filth. Their passing has been hardly noted by the media. Their handlers are in hardly better prospects! They, too, took in all this dangerous dust and one by one, they, too, are becoming sicker. The firemen and police who worked there for several months, they are dying rapidly, too.

Mercury poisoning is very bad. Unlike ordinary buildings demolished by explosives, which are totally empty and many dangerous things stripped out first, this was a fully occupied group of buildings that were chock full of hundreds of thousands of computers. These have many toxic chemicals and when the building turned to dust, so did everything and everyone inside, nearly nothing was larger than a teacup when the collapse was done except for some exterior strut work.

More than one person on the outside begged the government to stop the hasty work, no orders were given to force workers to wear appropriate gear, namely, asbestos removal suits! These men, covered with dust, returned home and scattered it all about and lord alone knows how many of them with small children will see them die of lung or cancer diseases in the next 20 years?

Even the truck drivers who took this dust to Staten Island and New Jersey are falling ill rapidly. Like a pebble dropped in a pond, the ripples of death will move remorselessly outwards, taking more and more people. Like the nuclear tests that were the equivelent of WWIII during the fifties to the early sixties, today's cancer epidemics are distant ripples of that reign of terror.

And the depleted uranium we spewed all over the Middle East: that, too, is spreading death to Iraqis and Americans, deformed babies to each and all, in evil unison.
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