Monday, January 16, 2006

The Drug Lobbyists' Lovely Drug Bill Is Belly Flopping Badly

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The insane drug bill with many provisions to funnel money to insurance companies and drug dealers who lobby Congress so heavily is now seen universally as a total failure. So it will bankrupt America while not providing any real services. Way to go!

From the NYT:
With tens of thousands of people unable to get medicines promised by Medicare, the Bush administration has told insurers that they must provide a 30-day supply of any drug that a beneficiary was previously taking, and it said that poor people must not be charged more than $5 for a covered drug.

The actions came after several states declared public health emergencies, and many states announced that they would step in to pay for prescriptions that should have been covered by the federal Medicare program.
The program was supposed to get health care to Americans but in reality, it was designed to thwart Americans and in the end, kill them. The red states in particular, seem to want all those pesky people who can't work because they are ill, dead. More charitable, mostly blue states, want to at least appear as if they are helping people and the great mass of American people probably are wondering why we can't do what Chile has done recently.

Namely, vote for something better.

From Zmag:
(Noam Chomsky speaking) "Democrats read the polls way more than I do, their leadership. They know what public opinion is. They could take a stand that's supported by public opinion instead of opposed to it. Then they could become an opposition party, and a majority party. But then they're going to have to change their position on just about everything.

Take your pick, say for example health care. Probably the major domestic problem for people. A large majority of the population is in favor of a national health care system of some kind. And that's been true for a long time. But whenever that comes up -- it's occasionally mentioned in the press -- it's called politically impossible, or "lacking political support," which is a way of saying that the insurance industry doesn't want it, the pharmaceutical corporations don't want it, and so on. Okay, so a large majority of the population wants it, but who cares about them? Well, Democrats are the same. Clinton came up with some cockamamie scheme which was so complicated you couldn't figure it out, and it collapsed."
Single payer plans which much of the civilized world uses is o-u-t in America. This is because the sharks feeding on the body politic want more flesh and blood. Whether we live or die is immaterial to them.

Lobbyists have tremendous power in the USA system. The media and businesses that lobby all have a very strong, vested interest in this corrupt system. The Abramoff scandal freaks them out because it exposes their underhanded ways and they are anxious to make him sound as if he were singular, the lone bad guy in this den of thieves and prostitutes. The media refuses to connect any dots or uncover any connections that lead back to them and their own agendas.

Meanwhile, people are dying.

One thing about medicines: they are being touted as the cure-all and end all of most therapy. The desire to simply pop a pill has undermined sane, healthy lifestyles. Even heath nuts love to pop pills. Magic, magic, who has the magic bean?

Living a healthy, strong life is difficult in this culture. This is why a diseases which are entirely due to bad lifestyle choices are raging through the community, raising the cost of health care. Popping pills won't stop unhealthy eating or living from killing oneself! As an organic gardener, I assure you, what you eat matters. Instead of curbing the use of heavily processed corn sugar to sweeten things, the law can mandate the end of this practice since the obesity epidemic pretty much began with the heavy use of corn syrup and hygrogenated fats in processed foods.

Fat chance this will change!
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