Friday, January 13, 2006

I Remember Franco's Death: Like Sharon, They Pretended He Was Alive

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

When powerful people face Death, the Great Leveler, they and their followers usually go to extraordinary lengths to pretend they didn't really die. Jesus' devoted followers are a classic example of this. Many religious groups cling to this sort of thing. Many political leaders end up in the same eternal boat, never dying.

From Yahoo:
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's failure to wake up from a coma nine days after suffering a massive stroke does not bode well for his recovery, some doctors said Friday.
It is interesting, watching the doctors and all the people involved in Sharon's power base, refusing to look at reality. Every day, the same bulletin was issued that he was waking up because he jerked and arm and a leg which is just plain silly, even snakes do this hours after dying. Chickens can run in circles with their heads cut off before dropping.

Large mammals, and I have put down some in the past, move quite a bit even after a .45 blows out the brainstem, even. This is the nervous system reacting to final electrical charges.

The heart can beat long after the brain is dead. One can keep a very badly damaged brain dead person alive for a very long time and they will possibly blink or jerk around, even as they have no real brain left as we all saw last year with the Schiavo affair.

Or Bush, for that matter.

Anyway, when Sharon, a very overweight old man, had his first stroke, the pretense that he could continue his bloody passage through life was a fool's dream. Now, after massive hemmorages, it was lunacy to think he would simply leap out of bed and be hale and hearty.

I nursed a child who had a brain hemmorage. He was saved and grew up and did well in life but was in a coma for six weeks but he was young and very fit when the hemmorage occured. Old people, well, we got to play the game of life, we wear out our welcome and eventually, no matter how much we may like to continue forever, the Grim Reaper comes a'calling. And you can't lock him out.

Since ancient times, rulers tried to lock him out, even trying to kill their entire entourage to go with them if they went, ahem, warning to all loonies who want to worship people, it is very dangerous! Anyway, they built huge tombs and filled them with loot, all in anticipation of extending their pleasures eternally.

The alternate route is to deny the person died and pretend they live forever, only believers can see them or understand this wonderful event, this desire to have eternity in a specific way is the root of more than one major and many minor religions.

Obviously, no one would like to join my religion. "He's dead, Jim."
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