Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"A Million Big Lies" Is What Mr. Frey's Book Should Be Called

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I have a sister who made a deal with Spielberg to make a movie about her life only the story she told his writers was about 80% fake. When various people contacted me to confirm her tall tales, I got increasingly angry as they disregarded my hard information making hash of her fantasies. This happens all the time, especially if one has famous or interesting parents like mine. We all make mistakes when telling stories but Mr. Frey, for example, concocted stuff out of thin air just like my sister, sensationalizing things maliciously.

From the NYT:
To Oprah Winfrey, the power of James Frey's memoir, "A Million Little Pieces," lay not in whether the author really spent three months in jail, as he claimed, or whether he lost a lover to suicide.

Rather, she said in her now-famous call to CNN's "Larry King Live" on Jan. 11, where Mr. Frey defended himself against accusations that he falsified significant parts of his life story, it was the author's story of recovery, a rebirth that took place within the walls of an addiction treatment center, that provided "the underlying message of redemption" that resonated with her.
Oprah, unrepentant, she is like Dan Rather, a fake who pretends to care about the truth but can't be bothered if it messes with her TV show.

Dan Rather and I had a big row back in 1999 when Sixty Minutes broadcast my sister's lies. I demanded to know why the vaunted 60 Minutes team couldn't spend five minutes looking for background information. It isn't like they never heard of me and I live in NY, am easy to reach and willing to talk on camera.

He told me, "We don't need your side of the story."

The pig.

My sister played this con game where she told her Hollywood friends she was a genius unrecognized by her own family. As the one who chiefly raised her, being the older sister, I had a great record of how many music lessons and tutoring she had over the years. She had a splendid education. I called her, "The Baby Mozart" when she was only three, recognizing her musical skills which were tremendous.

She was also a manic/depressive. But she discovered when she was in her mid thirties that everyone was looking for hidden talents in people of low intelligence but high talents after that movie, Forrest Gump, came out, box of chocolates and all that. So she remade herself into an idiot savant, a girl who skipped highschool to attend a university, pretending to be thought as a weak minded person. I was shocked. When her psychiatrist called me to scold me for not recognizing her hidden talents, I said, 'What? She studied composition at the University of Arizona!" The psychiatrist accused me of lying.

"My sister made her living acting on Star Trek, for crying out loud," I said, in amazement. You wouldn't recognize her, she played an alien. My mother used to joke that she lived in outerspace. Well, telling Hollywood and the publicity machine that they were being conned by an actress only made them dig in their heels worse rather than re-examine their flawed facts.

Well, now my sister, who is very unstable, emotionally, spent all the money Spielberg forwarded her and is now in a mental health clinic...for drug abuse. I wonder if she will tell anyone the truth about that, either. Probably not. For Hollywood prefers fantasy over reality.

The pain this has caused my beloved parents is hard to describe since sensationalism meant she had to villanize them. And me, mostly by pretending I didn't exist. I have seen this in other famous families.

I used to live with one of the sons of the author of a tremendously famous musical and so, was terribly rich, as you can imagine. One day, the elder brother published a book about his childhood. I was at the reception. My friend took his brother's book and looked up his own name in the index, laughing, until he saw, there was only one sentence refering to his existance in the entire book. He complained to papa.

So Papa put down his wine glass and flipped through the book. Within minutes, he was enraged. "What do you mean by THIS!" he roared. This began a fight, papa and the younger son leaving rapidly.

"You should be so lucky he didn't write about you too," said papa as we left.

It took a long time to reconcile the family. What a waste.

With the Frey book, he lashes out at an addict clinic with all sorts of stories about being beaten up. So far, all the stories about him being beaten have been proven false and I am certain his other tales are ditto, though I begin to wonder if maybe he should have had a beating or two to straighten him out.

But then, America is led by liars who pretend to be heroes while really AWOL asses and who mock real warriors with purple bandaids and accusations of cowardice. Ptui on them all.

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