Saturday, January 21, 2006

Millions of Mentally Ill Get No Meds, Must Now Pay If Poor

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

My husband is brain damaged from work, poisoned by toxic chemicals. He is well covered by our lawsuits and our medical insurance. But he knows many men who depend on Medicaid for meds at the hospital and they are all suffering from this stupid program started by the GOP and the corrupt lobbyists in DC. This is an unfolding tragedy deliberately created by greedy monsters.

From the New York Times:
Mix-ups in the first weeks of the Medicare drug benefit have vexed many beneficiaries and pharmacists. Dr. Steven S. Sharfstein, president of the American Psychiatric Association, said the transition from Medicaid to Medicare had had a particularly severe impact on low-income patients with serious, persistent mental illnesses.

"Relapse, rehospitalization and disruption of essential treatment are some of the consequences," Dr. Sharfstein said.
My husband's hospital was prepared for this disaster since the people running the program there seem to all be pretty liberal. But this is costing the hospital dearly, of course. They didn't lobby for this dumb bill. They didn't want it! The entire system is on the verge of collapse. Back in the Reagan days, they swiftly closed most asylums across the nation and the die off of the mentally ill was ferocious for a decade. It is still ongoing. If one can't find safety in a strong family like my husband has with his loving parents and loving wife and step children carrying him along day to day, they die. It is that simple.

In my husband's circle, the men get help from various agencies like the Catholic Church or various daycare facilities run by the county or the state, this being a blue state, we still have a social safety net despite Republican attempts at destroying it.

But they need these meds. One day, half a day, without them, and the collapse can be pretty steep, I assure you. Living alone is dangerous because it is easy to miss meds or not tell if one is falling apart. To have to cope with a ridiculous system that is deliberately designed to be impossible to penetrate is pure evil.

The elderly and the poor are being deliberately destroyed here. This is not accidental, it is part of the Great Die Off when our rulers throw overboard anyone and everyone who can't fulfill slave duties.
At Dayspring Village, in the northeast corner of Florida near Jacksonville, the 80 residents depend heavily on medications. They line up for their medicines three times a day. Members of the staff, standing at a counter, dispense the pills through a window that looks like the ticket booth at a movie theater.

Most of the residents are on Medicare, because they have disabilities, and Medicaid, because they have low incomes. Before Jan. 1, the state's Medicaid program covered their drugs at no charge. Since then, the residents have been covered by a private insurance company under contract to Medicare.

For the first time, residents of Dayspring Village found this month that they were being charged co-payments for their drugs, typically $3 for each prescription. The residents take an average of eight or nine drugs, so the co-payments can take a large share of their cash allowance, which is $54 a month.

Even after the insurer agreed to relax "prior authorization" requirements for a month, it was charging high co-payments for some drugs - $52 apiece for Abilify, an anti-psychotic medicine, and Depakote, a mood stabilizer used in treating bipolar disorder.
Nickle and diming the very poor to death. How charming. Like cannibals, the K Street lobbyists and their super rich clients, the big insurance and drug companies who have huge towers like in Mordor, gazing balefully over the DC landscape, their multi-multi millionaire CEOs flying around in mega jets and sailing their mega yachts, they need every penny they can squeeze from the very poor or ditch them into pits after extracting any gold from the teeth, this monstrous attitude is what I call "Naziism".

The patient tax payer paying for this farce is being fleeced, too, and is being tossed onto the scrap heap of history only we will get a taxpayer revolt which these revolting men will turn onto the victims of this scam: the mentally ill, the poor, the elderly.

Hitler did this. He killed them first, even before killing Jews and then killing everyone in his path. Once these monsters unleash their own inner insane beasts, they can kill many, many people.

And no, they won't take their meds, either.
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