Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bush Cutting Both Medicade AND Medicare, Will Hit Hospitals And Clinics Hard

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Now that reporters can read the fine print on the recently passed Bush budget plus his latest statements, it is obvious the plan to pay for our many wars and adventures and tax cuts is to nuke healthcare and drive so many hospitals and clinics into bankruptcy, we will have very little access to healthcare. Way to go, red America. We will all be "New Orleans".

From the New York Times:
In his budget next week, President Bush will propose substantial savings in Medicare, stepping up his efforts to rein in the growing costs of social insurance programs, administration officials and health care lobbyists said Friday.

For the first time since taking office five years ago, they said, Mr. Bush will try to reduce projected Medicare payments to hospitals and other health care providers by billions of dollars over the next five years. In addition, they said, Mr. Bush intends to seek further increases in Medicare premiums for high-income people, beyond those already scheduled to take effect next year.
Many liberal pundits warned that if the government starts charging the better off elderly fees, this would be spread downwards relentlessly and in typical camel nose fashion, so it is happening.

One reason why healthcare is such a mess today is because of union successes at extending health care at work and to bridge the gap, liberals in Congress and LBJ created a seperate health care system for the elderly and then the poor. This made right wingers furious and they couldn't wait to undo both the union health care and the LBJ Medicare/Medicaid system.

What these clowns are offering us is very stark: DEATH. And this shouldn't surprise anyone, Bush worships "the Executioner that is death, the devil that is death and death that is death" at his favorite Crypt at Yale, the well-named "Skull and Bones." He definitely practices what he preaches.

So far, Americans are being told, we can have infinite guns and infinite butter only now, they are removing the butter dish and replacing it with a slice of pig fat.
Despite the failure of his plan to overhaul Social Security last year, Mr. Bush has signaled that he intends to curb rapid increases in federal spending linked to the aging of the population. "The retirement of the baby boom generation will put unprecedented strains on the federal government," Mr. Bush said in his State of the Union address on Tuesday.
Boomer Baby Bubble Boy Bush can't wait to kill his classmates, doesn't he? He hates us. He hates all of us, especially the Christians who worship him. He can't wait to crush them, in particular. Ever see him weep over the war dead? He can barely contain his glee just like on 9/11, laughing in that classroom. Or during hurricane Katrina, yucking it up, absolutely overjoyed.

His handlers try to keep this out of the news and the news owners, in return for favors, don't replay over and over again, him reading "My Pet Goat" while on a split screen secretaries fall, screaming, from the burning WTC! Dean, they had to destroy, which is why they played "the scream" over and over. Well, we will all be screaming, soon enough, and there won't be any media to record it, they will be too busy trumpetting all the victories of fundamentalist Muslim parties whereever we invade and force elections. Whoopee.
The president's 2007 budget also calls for a freeze in Medicare payments to nursing homes and home health agencies, as recommended by the commission. In addition, he proposes to reduce payments for oxygen equipment provided to Medicare beneficiaries.

This proposal is likely to touch off protests from a coalition of patients and oxygen suppliers. The coalition has been running television commercials against a powerful California congressman who has supported such changes.

In one commercial, an Air Force veteran, with an oxygen tube in his nose, asks the congressman, Representative Bill Thomas: "I was proud to fight for my country. Why are you not willing to fight for me?"
Anyone remember the brain dead lady last year and how the hokey pokies in the GOP stopped everything to pass an illegal law that was immediately struck down? And how Bush left his vacation home to sign it, in DC, to show how he and his "Devil is death" buddies really want to keep us alive?

Cut the oxygen! Imagine being told, "Sorry, bud, you got to breathe on yer own"?
Under the law, the income thresholds are increased each year to reflect inflation. Mr. Bush's proposal would eliminate these adjustments, so that more people would have to pay the higher premiums each year.
Already, this year, the premium hike for Medicare was greater than the "rate of inflation" hikes and so the elderly got exactly $0 despite raging inflation especially for essencials.

Now, these sneaky pick pockets are de-indexing inflation so they can drive us all, via reducing the value of the currency to balance our foreign purchases, into penury.

Meanwhile, Bush is touting totally insane programs to fix our economy. From the Washington Post:
Bush has proposed doubling over 10 years the federal aid to basic research programs in the physical sciences and engineering at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Energy Department's Office of Science the and National Science Foundation. The first year would cost $910 million; the 10-year commitment would be $50 billion.

"The increased funding I have proposed will support America's creative minds as they explore promising areas, such as nanotechnology, supercomputing, and alternative energy sources," Bush said.

A second part of Bush's proposal calls for spending $4.6 billion to back tax credits U.S. companies get for investing in research and development projects. The tax credit expired on Dec. 31, and the House and Senate are working on bills to extend it for one year. Bush wants to make it permanent.
Even as the ruling elite warn us to never ever protect our borders, they lie to us about how to fix things so we can survive. We are supposed to create more and newer technologies! Whoopie doop. Guess what?

This won't create a single American factory job! What happened to all the other fine industries we invented or extended? The more techie they are, the swifter they fly out because no one wants to pay high techie prices! Instead, they want us to go to school, go deeply into debt and of course, Bush cut school loans for college this year, and then go out and work for pennies?


Time for geeks of America to wake up. Bush and the rulers hate you all with a passion. They want a collar around your necks and they want to herd you into small boxes and ship you to wherever they want or even off to war. They would love to see you all dead. These are guys who can't type their way out of a wedding invitation. They can barely read or write. They are really good at conspiring with each other. And they want all of you guys under their boot heels.

The rest of us, they want dead.
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