Friday, February 17, 2006

EPA Wants to Eliminate Many Pollution Reports

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The EPA lied about air pollution in Manhattan after 9/11 and now they want to lie about pollution in general. Like NASA, they are not going to monitor the health of Planet Earth where we live and breathe. Silence is literally golden here as lobbyists win yet another corrupt victory.

From the Albany Times Union:
The federal Environmental Protection Agency last month proposed a big change in how companies report pollution data. If the Bush administration gets its way, companies will tell the public a lot less about pollution by reporting less often on fewer chemicals.

In the Capital Region, 16 facilities would no longer have to report anything to the EPA about the toxic substances they emit, according to analysis from OMB Watch, a Washington D.C.-based open government group.

Environmentalists and elected officials, including Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, are urging the feds to back off. They say the TRI has helped communities and researchers investigate threats to local health and safety while encouraging companies to cut pollution.
Again and again, the secrecy, the refusal to collect data, the childish belief that if you can't see something, it can't hurt you, the cultivated ignorance or lying about effects: business as usual in DC as the lobbyists wreck their will upon us all, twisting and changing rules and regulations, making the world a sicker, weaker, more dangerous place.

From tiny hop toads to horses, birds to fishes, squirrels to humans, we all suffer when poisonous chemicals are discharged into the air, the water and the soil. Many of these are heavy metals like lead or mercury. Fatal to all of us, the higher up the food chain, the worse the damage. Humans live at the tippy top of the food chain so we have to be worried about even slight traces of many fatal chemicals in our environment. Worse, we live a long time if we aren't poisoned and so we can accumulate much more stuff in our own bodies. So the need for a protected environment is a blessing to all of us as well as other living things.
Congress passed the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act in 1987, in the wake of the release of the deadly chemical methyl isocyanate in Bhopal, India, which killed nearly 3,000 people.
The TRI data, available at, is heavily used by researchers, community groups, journalists and even state and local officials. The state Department of Environmental Conservation on Tuesday urged the EPA to maintain the current system.

"The DEC believes that changing the reporting requirements under TRI undermines its effectiveness as a tool for trend analysis, making it less useful for the public," the department said in a written statement.
I am glad my state wants to keep these regulations. Pataki worked hard to help install Bush as our dictator. He and Sweeney even went down to Florida to riot or fight the vote counting in 2000. This is how we are paid back.

We are treated like Cheney's hunting partner. Blam.
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