Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Time To Show What Cheney Shot Into The Heart

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

So much speculation and so little information. We took some birdshot and shot it with the camera. No, the dish didn't die and it won't run off with the spoon, either, or I will plug it.

Anyway, the shot is very small. The discharge from Cheney was pretty close to get this to penetrate not only the clothing but the skin and slipping past the rib cage and into the heart.

But then, Cheney probably though, everyone's heart is as vacuous as his and just as tiny and hard as rock. He is still sweating bullets, worried that the man might die and he get charged.

Well, he has been the chief agent in the deaths of thousands. So might as well nail him on this one, too. And to think, these are the clowns who thought Clinton should be impeached over a blow job! Well, what about a "blow them away" job? After all, Monica didn't want Bill to go to trail yet the prosecutor threatened her unless she testify to the truth rather than covering up everything!

So, where is Kenn Starr? And the rest of the GOP impeachment crew? Shouldn't they be writing up charges now?

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