Friday, February 17, 2006

Witless Whittington Wants Us to Weep For CHENEY! Amazing.

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Look, if all the lobbyists and lawyers working with Cheney want him to shoot them then all I can say is, pull that trigger! The sight of the nearly deceased money bag man excusing the obvious psychopath, Cheney, is hilarious as well as disgusting. Meanwhile, in Wyoming, Real Fake Manly Men cheer this near killer and think this is all so great fun. If only.

From the NYT:
Declaring that "accidents do and will happen," the 78-year-old man who was shot by Vice President Dick Cheney at a weekend quail hunt emerged from the hospital here Friday looking tanned, cheery, robust and speckled with bruises.

Addressing the Wyoming State Legislature today, Dick Cheney said he was thankful Harry M. Whittington was "on the mend and doing very well."

The patient, Harry M. Whittington, an Austin lawyer and well-known figure in the state's Republican Party, thanked his doctors, praised the news media and expressed sorrow that the whole incident had become such a political flashpoint for the vice president.
Excuse me, guys. I happen to have eyeballs attached to my brains and this guy looks as cheerful as a corpse on Halloween. His face, peppered with shot, one of them nearly took out his fool eye!, shades of "A Christmas Story" where the boy is warned, his pop gun might put out his eye.

Look, lying is jolly fun except when murderers and monsters do it. This is so much like the Saddam boys having a laugh riot, shooting up their friends and neighbors before we shot them up, in turn.

We are turning more and more into Iraq each day, it is ridiculous. Aside from giving Laura a green light to kill ex-boyfriends and then actively covering this up and then pretending she is some sort of delicate flower instead of a cold blooded killer who has no shame, all these psychopaths running America have no shame, do they?
The vice president made brief mention of the incident again on Friday while addressing the Wyoming Legislature in Cheyenne. After taking the rostrum before a standing, cheering crowd of lawmakers and guests, Mr. Cheney said the warm greeting was welcome, especially, he added, "when you've had a very long week."
I will never, ever set foot in that state again. The men there are obviously either brain dead or should be.

How dare they cheer this idiot after he broke all the rules of hunting? Never, never, never is "behind a hunter" "in the line of fire." The line of fire isn't any direction one wishes to shoot! I have hunted for years. I never turn around to shoot. If I am walking, it is only to shoot things in front, when sitting, one shoots only in the direction one is sitting. If one hears a noise behind, one has to change postion and then study the forest carefully.

Cheney was spinning around, drunk, blasting away merrily at chest level.

What a moron. Hunting birds. Gads. Are all the men in Wyoming all Yosemite Simpletons? Is this how they hunt? Gads. Pathetic.

Aside from all the lies Whittington and Cheney and their paramours told, one wonders about the beer stories that shift and change hourly, the tale about how Wittless Whittington and Elmer "Fuddy" Cheney ended up in a shoot out morphs and warps with each telling. The main thing is, it is now OK to shoot lobbyists.

So, how much does it cost to buy a lobbyist hunting license? Will it be for only Texas and Wyoming or can one apply for one in DC, the game preserve with the largest flocks? Maybe this is how we will get campaign reform. As Mao liked to say, "Power grows out of the barrel of a double barreled shotgun."

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